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We`re Passionate. We`re a game changer. We`re fun.


Bravo’s platform provides all the technologies you need to run your business and
take care of your customers in one easy place

Steve Mack


Every day I look for passionate people that want to join my company. Every day I think about how Bravo can help business achieve greater productivity. Every day we look how to integrate Bravo into businesses that want to save the environment by utilizing their assets longer. We are having fun making business work better and harder for our environment.

Tally Mack


I grew up wanting to be a pawnbroker. It’s in my blood (I’m a 5th generation pawnbroker). I started selling jewelry in my dad’s pawnshop when I was 10 and put my first ring on layaway when I was 12. The best thing next to working in retail is working with retailers. I’m a lawyer, a pawnshop lover, and an eCommerce enthusiast.

Mike Wishart

Director of Technology

I began learning to develop software in 1977 and did my first contract work in 1982. After graduating from UNR, I started working in pawn and turned my devotion to development to improving then writing pawn systems, constantly finding new ways to apply the latest technology to make stores more profitable.

Kelly York

Director of Software Development

I started writing software when I was 12 years old on a Commodore Pet computer and never lost the urge to create computer programs. I ended up with an undergraduate degree in computer science. After college, my dad owned two pawnshops, so I got to know the business fairly well. My computer skills along with my pawn broking knowledge have helped me in creating great software for pawnbrokers.


Bravo is the "No More Software" system for operators. No more patches. No more back ups. No more reboots. No more expensive servers. No more software. Our platform removes all of your daily administrative stuff so that you can get back to your customers.

To help store operators exceed expectations by offering Big Software Services affordably, easy to use, without the burden of complicated hardware.

Our mission is to furnish best of class computing resources to enable you to operate efficiently utilizing today’s technologies and social networks.  Your success is our Mission.

We save the environment by managing what has been made and purchased. Bravo is committed in creating an ECO commerce system that will help save our earth.


To help store operators exceed expectations by offering Big Software Services affordably, easy to use, without the burden of complicated hardware.


We started out as store operators ourselves.  In 1988, we launched our first inventory management product on the Apple IIe.  This led us in developing a complete store Point-of-Sale operating system utilizing Microsoft DOS.  Windows was our next prelude of advanced software development and then Enterprise Multi-Store operating system with integrated eCommerce and eBay.

Our team has been acknowledged with awards and case studies by Microsoft and eBay.  During this time our products were for private use only.  During this time $20 million was invested in our technologies and processes distinguishing our product as a world-class leader in business intelligence driving superior performance.


In 2010, Bravo’s 3 partners gathered to create the greatest store platform ever created for everyone to use.  Our products of the past cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to setup and operate.  Partnering with Microsoft, IBM, and eBay, we committed ourselves to build a Global Platform for all Countries, Languages, and Currencies. A platform to accommodate the first time business owner and multi-unit operator, as well a Fortune 1000 company.

We see our dream unfolding each day in providing today's necessary social marketing tools, an integrated eCommerce platform, powerful Big Data providing insight to business as never before, with a design that makes your experience educational and fun.


Our biggest year yet. We’ve tripled the size of the Bravo team. Our focus is providing proactive, consistent, and exceptional customer service. Our goal this year has been to resolve every issue on the first contact, and for issues that cannot be resolved on the first contact, our expectation is that resolution should be set by providing regular status updates to our customers.

Bravo makes waves with our big release of the pawn industry’s first ever mobile app. for employees. We also break ground on a new Las Vegas Global Headquarters.



We moved into brand new offices (and you’re invited to stop by, turn your visit into a taxable deduction, and see how we view the future of pawn). We also made our first acquisition, purchasing CompuPawn. CompuPawn, who brings 30+ years of experience delivering software to the pawn industry, is a pawn industry leader and shares a commitment to customer service. Bravo announces the release of the pawn industry’s first ever mobile application for consumers, allowing remote and online payments.


Hear from Bravo customers that use our system every day

Ryan Handschake

Pawn Central, Iowa & Illinois

Thank you so much for your fast response and support! Bravo’s Customer Service from my experience has been by far the best I’ve ever worked with.

Ken Fanning

Cash Today Pawn, Florida

I’ve been on Bravo for 60 days now. I Can tell you this is by far the best pawn program I’ve ever used. I have used TOPS, Compupawn, and PawnMaster® and Bravo blows all of these other systems away. I want to thank you for making an outstanding pawnshop management system that far surpasses the others and is easily affordable. You have a new fan!

Kevin Dyche

Plan B Pawn, Colorado

Incredible. You are the man Steve Mack, and Bravo is unbelievable. We couldn’t be happier to be on Team Bravo!

Roger Loder

Grupo Internacional SA de CV, Mexico

We have had a huge, huge first quarter! We’ve grown our loan balance more than 27% and improved our PBT. Thanks Bravo! We have had the most limited problems with Telmex and Internet downtime.

Dave Munsee

Liberty Pawn and Gold, Virginia

Bravo and Buya have been the best thing to happen to my pawn business ever. EVER! If anyone has any questions or concerns about the best thing to hit this industry since the cash register have them call me.

Mathew D Sams

Gateway Jewelry and Pawn, Inc

Just wanted to say thanks for building the greatest pawn software out there. It keeps get better with every update. We are working hard to get all converted inventory from our prior system run thru the estimator and pictures up on BUYA.

Kevin Ballenger

Gateway Jewelry and Pawn

I love Bravo for so many reasons. The main reason is the ease of navigation. It is simple to use and gets you to where you need to be whether it’s writing a loan or making a sale. Another huge plus, Buya and eBay.


Capital Pawn

Hi Bravo Team,
Beth here at Capital Pawn in Salem, Oregon. We just want to say a great, big THANK YOU for listening to all of our many, many suggestions and then changing things to make our lives faster and easier. This morning in our team meeting we demonstrated the newest feature of being able to see all dates for loans at a glance. We love it!!!
Beth and the team at Capital Pawn


Patriot Gun and Pawn

I’ve been a customer since March of 2013. I love the functionality of Bravo, and the Bravo Support Team has been absolutely wonderful. Thanks, Bravo team, you’re doing an amazing job.

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