Are You Looking for a More Profitable Future? Bravo has the answers!

The Bravo team just returned from another successful NPA convention and we heard the same question over and over from pawnbrokers, “How can I be more profitable in this New World of Online Shopping, eCommerce and Mobile?”  With Pawnbrokers reporting decreasing retail sales as online competition grows, the answer is:  It’s time to implement a technology plan to grow your store revenue – think Online Shopping, eCommerce and Mobile.

Mobile devices helped drive nearly two trillion in offline retail sales last year, and this trend still hasn’t peaked.

Yes, you read that right. TWO TRILLION!

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The reality is that mobile is here and it’s staying.

Make it easier and more convenient with interactive and powerful technology.  InstaPawn, the ONLY mobile app for the pawn industry, is the most important product EVER to hit pawnbrokers.  With InstaPawn, you can provide the convenience and customer service your customers demand.

Bravo isn’t like any other pawn software company.  Bravo was founded by a fourth-generation pawnbroker who expanded from a single-store pawnshop into the Largest privately-owned pawn chain in the United States with 50 stores.  At Bravo, we’re truly the Pawn Experts, we are Pawnbrokers helping Pawnbrokers.   And we can help you take your business to the next level with software that is so revolutionary, it’s pushing the pawn industry forward!

Take 2 minutes to watch Bravo’s new video “The Future of Pawn” and then call us at 844-51-BRAVO.

About the author

Tally Mack

Tally Mack

I grew up wanting to be a pawnbroker. It’s in my blood (I’m a 5th generation pawnbroker). I started selling jewelry in my dad’s pawnshop when I was 10 and put my first ring on layaway when I was 12. The best thing next to working in retail is working with retailers. I’m a lawyer, a pawnshop lover, and an eCommerce enthusiast.

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