Bravo Leads the Way! Another round of new features, functionality, and tools to help you succeed hits Bravo stores tomorrow.

Bulk Sales – This new feature allows you to quickly add multiple sale items to a transaction and set an overall price for all sale items in a transaction, to be split up among the items proportionally. The Bulk Sale Calculation is flexible and is determined by the pawn operator. Options include price basis, cost basis, and custom in transaction.

bulk sale

Security – One of Bravo’s strongest feature sets is the ability to turn on or off security bits. Security bits give operators the flexibility to enable or disable functionality for individual employees or job roles. This release adds 10 new security bits.

Maximum Discount on Jewelry – In Bravo, you can set your store’s inventory maximum discount. You can also adjust the maximum discount per item. Discounts aren’t one size fits all. Bravo is designed to help you turn more inventory faster than ever before. Here is one more tool for your retail toolbox.

max discount

We’ve also added 19 new categories, support 5 new pawn tickets, and updated the LeadsOnline export to support New York’s new reporting requirements.

Click here to read more about 2.4.2 here.  Note: You must be a Bravo customer logged into the Solution Center.

Call us at 888-407-6287 to learn more!

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Tally Mack

Tally Mack

I grew up wanting to be a pawnbroker. It’s in my blood (I’m a 5th generation pawnbroker). I started selling jewelry in my dad’s pawnshop when I was 10 and put my first ring on layaway when I was 12. The best thing next to working in retail is working with retailers. I’m a lawyer, a pawnshop lover, and an eCommerce enthusiast.

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