Bravo Makes You Money

We’re thrilled to report our April eCommerce and InstaPawn numbers. Bravo puts MORE money in your pocket than any other system out there. Period.

Overhead versus Investment

Period: April 1 – 30, 2017


april 2017

eCommerce – Includes Company-Branded Sites, Buya, and eBay

TOTAL $649,811.62

ecom breakdown

InstaPawn – Includes Layaway and Loan Payments

TOTAL $71,334.11

payments instapawn

If your software isn’t bringing MORE money to your bottom line, give us a call at 888-407-6287 option 2.

About the author

Tally Mack

Tally Mack

I grew up wanting to be a pawnbroker. It’s in my blood (I’m a 5th generation pawnbroker). I started selling jewelry in my dad’s pawnshop when I was 10 and put my first ring on layaway when I was 12. The best thing next to working in retail is working with retailers. I’m a lawyer, a pawnshop lover, and an eCommerce enthusiast.

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