All the features you need

Some software sticks you with limited features and no path to the future.
Bravo comes fully loaded. Plus, we offer a buffet of services to take your shop to the next level.

We believe a point-of-sale software should do more than print tickets, ring sales, and calculate interest. After all, as a pawnbroker, you do much more than that! Bravo’s point-of-sale helps you handle the day-to-day operations of running a pawnshop.

Point of Sale

  • Task Manager keeps track of your administrative and operational duties and reminds you of what needs to be done for the day.
  • Layaways empower you to setup flexible options for payment terms and down payments. Bravo notifies you when layaways are due.
  • Pricing expired loans is fun. Yes- Fun! Bravo queues items that need to be priced in one easy screen. Split or combine items with one click.
  • Capture and Store Images of general merchandise, jewelry, IDs, customers, or employees. Capture from a webcam or copy & paste.
  • Split Commisions so all of your employees receive credit for their sales efforts. Add as many employees to a transaction as you wish.
  • Create custom Services and Fees on the fly or customize services for cleaning, repairs, or layaway restocking. The possibilities are endless!
  • Split Payment and Tender to make purchasing simple for customers. Accept two or more payment types in a single transaction.
  • Sell Gift Cards or issue them as an alternative to cash back refunds. They can be redeemed at any of your Bravo locations!
  • Multiple employees can share the same workstation. Lock Screen lets you put multiple transactions on hold. Restore by logging back in.
  • Smart Search with 9 different functions. Search by UPC code, sales receipt, inventory label, loan ticket, make/model, or payment.


The Estimator

The best assessment tool in the industry! The estimator will help you determine what an item is worth based on the item’s condition.

Product Knowledge

The easiest way to protect your margins. For every make/model, view the average price sold, loan amount, margin, return rate, shrink rate, and more.

Jewelry Master

Bravo subtracts the gravity weight of the stones from the mounting weight so you get a precise price breakdown of every jewelry piece.

Jewelry Recycle | Scrap

On average, our customers see a 4-8% increase in profit margin. Bravo ensures that every penny is accounted for to maximize profits!

Smart Search

Start typing the make and model and Bravo populates the field with the most common items that come across the counter. Taking in items is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Item History

Bravo keeps a detailed item and payment history from the moment an item enters your store to the moment it’s sold (and everything in between).

Store Management

  • Police Exports - Complete, Compliant, Automatic

    Bravo makes it simple to comply with law enforcement reporting mandates. We take this stuff seriously!
  • Advertising & Marketing

    A pawn or buy ticket is valuable real estate. Create and manage coupons, advertisements, a rate schedule, and seasonal sales with the click of a button. Nothing like turning a ticket expense into a valuable marketing tool.
  • Refunds

    Refund past sales to gift cards or cash back to your customer using the original payment method. Voila!
  • Calendar Management

    Store calendar will help you visualize what days your store is opened or closed. The calendar will indicate if you charge interest on days when your store is closed or wait until the next business day.
  • Store Performance

    Get a snapshot of your store’s performance. Keep track of yesterday’s numbers or compare month-to-month.
  • Tills & Cash Drawers

    Bravo supports global or general tills. Bravo facilitates balancing of cash drawers, till-to-till transfers, transfers to and from your bank, and forces blind opens and closes for maximum security.
  • Accounting Integration

    Save time with Bravo’s seamless accounting exports to QuickBooks, MAS90, or spreadsheets (and it’s FREE).
  • Employee Accountability

    The who, what, and where of every transaction is tracked by employee account. All exceptions are listed on a single screen for a manager to override at the end of a transaction, saving precious time for you and your customers.

Inventory Management

Manage your entire inventory in one convenient screen

Barcoded Inventory

Inventory, loans, and buys are barcoded for fast transactions. Assign existing barcodes to products or create new ones.

Aged Inventory | Bulk Markdowns

Track aged inventory and bulk discount by age, category or both to lift your inventory turnover rate.

Purchasing | SKU Management

Add items to your inventory through bulk purchasing. Complete SKU for items that can be priced at the same price with the same inventory number.

Store-to-Store Transfers

Transfer items between your stores. Includes item verification and handles overages and shortages during batch transfers. No re-labeling necessary.

Organize by Location

Track where your items are located. Create your own custom location names for your sales floor and back storage. Bravo separates by function.
Bravo was developed by a pawnshop operator. We understand the value of spending time with your customers!

Your Customers are #1

  • Customer Knowledge gives you a 5-second interview of your customer. Loan default rate, redemption rate, average loan, lifetime contribution, and current loan balance are just a few examples of what’s displayed.
  • Customer History shows you detailed transaction history with every item that has been pawned, sold, redeemed, put on layaway or purchased.
  • Easy to search, easy to add. Customize fields, notes, and alerts. Click to block all future transactions.
  • Extend your reach. Bravo makes it easy to categorize and market to your customers.
  • View loans online. Customers can view their loans online saving you a lot of time spent answering calls.


  • Business Intelligence

    Powerful employee, store, company, and eComerce performance reports.
  • Standard Reports

    Dive deep into your business with Bravo’s 36 standard reports.
  • Export Reports

    Export reports to 10 different file formats. Simply email or save to your desktop.
  • Custom Report Generator

    Ad Hoc empowers you to build, customize, and save reports. See your business the way that you want!
Drive your business decisions with live, up-to-date, meaningful reports!


  • Compete with the "Big Boys"

    Now your store is open 24/7 to the world. Impress your customers with a profile on, integrated social media marketing, and a secure shopping cart.
  • No more headaches. No more extra effort.

    Bravo syncs your inventory so if an item sells in one channel, it is automatically removed from the others.
  • Bravo handles it all

    Let Bravo handle correspondence with your customers, payments, logistics, and returns. All online sales are processed in the same simple manner as in your store.
  • Negotiate in Real-Time

    Let your customers haggle from home. You’ll be notified when you have an offer pending.
  • We’ll do the hard part.

    Bravo works tirelessly to bring customers to Buya. We feed your inventory into Google, Bing, and Yahoo every day. Plus, we purchase Google AdWords for you to drive traffic to your items. We spend countless hours crafting emails highlighting your products to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
  • Social Media Sharing

    Leverage the power of viral sharing with many social media options including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.
  • eBay

    Bravo flat out makes selling on eBay easy. In fact, eBay executives stated Bravo has cracked the code in how stores should sell on eBay. Bravo empowers you to post auctions or upload your entire inventory to Buy it Now or Auction quickly.

Powerful Add-ons

Services and products that are beautifully integrated to take your business to the next level.

Powerful Add-ons_icon

Physical Inventory | Cycle Count Application

Imagine a world free of painful audits. Quickly generate and complete full or partial lists of your inventory and loan base. Walk around and scan, scan, scan. Let Bravo do the rest.

ID & Fingerprint Scanners

Scan the ID and watch Bravo quickly populate customer information fields. Scan fingerprints in a snap. Bravo saves the images as part of the customer profile.


Business Analytics

Powered by Microsoft Business Analytics. Dashboard of sales, loans, customers, and traffic helps you make the right choices for your business. Analyze and gain insight into your business.

SMS Messaging

Simple to customize and to send, text messaging is the fastest way to promote seasonal sales, announce upcoming payments, and provide special discounts. Increase your service charges and customer service.

Extended Live Support

Our extended live support is a great option for people who prefer the phone over our ticket system.

Data Conversions

Convert all of your inventory, loans, customers, and firearms or choose a combination. Save yourself the headache and let our experts do the heavy lifting!

Training Packages

Catch a flight to Las Vegas or we can come to you. Our training department will customize a curriculum for your business needs, including classroom training, workbooks, and on-the-job training.

Shop Dot

Use Bravo to power your online company-branded website. Customize your website, no design skills needed. Accept offers and orders in seconds!


Inventory on your shelves wihtout the risk! Bravo beautifully manages inventory through its lifecycle including returns and forfeiture. Negotiate the terms and commissions in real-time.

Repairs & Work Orders

Enhance your revenue. Repairs and Work Order Management provides the tools to process simple and complex repairs.


The first pawn mobile application for pawnbrokers and their customers!

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