InstaPawn 3 C’s – Convenience, Customer Service, Competitive Edge

InstaPawn has the pawn industry talking, and I’m speaking with pawnbrokers daily about why it matters. And trust me, it does.

With all the recent news about dozens and dozens of retail stores closing or filing Chapter 11, it’s striking to me how many Pawnbrokers don’t believe it applies to our industry. America is going through a shopping shakeout as people rely more on their devices then their feet to buy the products they want.  The reality is that mobile is here and it’s staying!

Change is hard, and we are surrounded by changing conditions today more frequently than ever. It’s been said that one of the few certainties in life is change. This is absolutely true in the business world. Companies go through mergers, grow dramatically, or close their doors altogether. The question people must ask themselves is “How can I handle change successfully?”

Most business people approach change within their company by gritting their teeth and hoping for the best. They cling to comfort. If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it. But there is a better way:  You can study market conditions – and learn new approaches — to cope with the unavoidable changes in your business.

At Bravo Pawn Systems, we’ve been talking a lot about eCommerce and Mobile Shopping lately.  In fact, we’re jumping up and down and telling every Pawnbroker we reach about InstaPawn, the 1st and ONLY Mobile app for the Pawn Industry, and why it’s so critically important for their store and why YOU NEED TO CARE!

InstaPawn is the most important product to ever hit pawnbrokers and their customers. Imagine your associates saying, “Download our mobile app and shop or make payments online 24/7 at our pawnshop.”

InstaPawn is a once in a lifetime business opportunity – whereby you can offer convenience and a higher level of customer service – and it costs you less.


You can only achieve this through automation, technology, and a platform. Bravo has done the heavy lifting for you.

Today’s customers demand (and deserve) convenience!  With InstaPawn, your customers can:

  • Make Loan and Lay-Away Payments from their mobile phone.
  • Check balances, get notifications and coupons, and always see their pawn account.
  • Shop 24/7 – Your Store Never Closes!

Bravo’s Mobile App – InstaPawn – is the answer in this New World of Online Shopping, eCommerce and Mobile.  See how TNT Pawnand Capital Pawnare successfully marketing InstaPawn — and imagine your store doing the same.

Still not convinced?  Take a look at the “2017 Mobile App Market Report” and come to your own conclusions.  After all, the statistics don’t lie.  It’s Mobile Pawn or Die.



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About the author

Tally Mack

Tally Mack

I grew up wanting to be a pawnbroker. It’s in my blood (I’m a 5th generation pawnbroker). I started selling jewelry in my dad’s pawnshop when I was 10 and put my first ring on layaway when I was 12. The best thing next to working in retail is working with retailers. I’m a lawyer, a pawnshop lover, and an eCommerce enthusiast.

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