Let’s Set the Record Straight – Top 3 False Statements Made by PawnMaster

As CEO of Bravo Store Systems, I’m a firm believer that healthy competition drives innovation. In fact, Bravo’s competition with other systems has motivated us to become the fastest growing and most innovative pawnbroker platform in the industry.  However, just as I welcome healthy competition, I abhor unfair competition.

It’s been a while since my last, “Let’s set the record straight” blog, but unfortunately, I’ve recently learned about more false statements made by PawnMaster regarding Bravo. So, it’s time to set the record straight… again.

Here are the top 3 false statements made by PawnMaster about Bravo:                                                                                                                        

NUMBER ONE: Bravo charges or penalizes customers for choosing not to list or sell on Buya.

TRUTH:  Bravo does not charge or penalize BRAVO users in any way for electing not to use Buya, an optional feature of BRAVO. Selling on Buya is completely optional, and Bravo only collects 8% on successful sales.


NUMBER TWO: Bravo’s uptime is below 99.5%.

TRUTH:  Bravo’s uptime is 99.98%


NUMBER THREE: Bravo owns and holds “hostage” customer data.

TRUTH:  Per Bravo End User License Agreement, the customer wholly owns customer, transaction, and inventory data.


There you have it, the truth and all the facts. Until next time…

About the author

Tally Mack

Tally Mack

I grew up wanting to be a pawnbroker. It’s in my blood (I’m a 5th generation pawnbroker). I started selling jewelry in my dad’s pawnshop when I was 10 and put my first ring on layaway when I was 12. The best thing next to working in retail is working with retailers. I’m a lawyer, a pawnshop lover, and an eCommerce enthusiast.

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