Small businesses shouldn’t have to settle for less.

Single Store POS Solution

Single Store POS Solution

Make smarter business decisions. Grow your revenue & profit

A store operating system should provide you with services, features, processes, and solutions to help you increase your business.

Make room for new customers

Your brick-and-mortar store offers shopping and services to customers that walk through your front door. With no additional effort, Bravo brings the rest of the world to your store.

Make smarter business decisions. Grow your revenue & profit

Training employees made easy

Operating systems today need to be easy to figure out. Product photos and information train your employees quickly.

Say goodbye to software?

You won’t need to invest in expensive IT hardware, and don’t worry about ongoing IT maintenance

Your IT costs will be substantially reduced

Save up to 50%

Say goodbye to software?

Your data stored in America’s top facility

The most important question to ask when selecting a Cloud provider is “Where are your data and services being provided?”

Keeping your data in your store and ignoring today’s disciplined IT practices puts your business at high risk. Our world-class services protects your data in the world’s best data center. The reliability and security of your data is our highest priority.

Stop worrying about your data, security software, breaches, and IT-related activities and get back to the business that you love.

Build your presence

No more waiting for your front doors to open. While you’re sleeping, your store is working.

More customers in more places

Reach millions of online shoppers around the globe. Thousands of shoppers visit our site daily. How? We do the marketing for you. We feed your inventory into Google, Bing, and Yahoo, purchase Google Adwords product listings, geo–locate your inventory for mobile search, send weekly emails to our subscribers, and leverage social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. All for you at no additional cost.

Store profile with map

Introduce yourself to the world. Easily set up and customize your store profile so that you can enhance your brand and deliver the best shopping experience. Join hundreds of other stores on our Buya merchant map, where locals can easily pinpoint your location and shop your newly added inventory 24/7.

Build your presence

Shopping cart

Start your online business today on with no risk. Our reliable and secure shopping cart delivers your PayPal payment seamlessly to you through Bravo POS. Bravo gives you the tools and technology you need to run an awesome and profitable online store. We can’t wait to celebrate your first online sale with you.

Social media sharing

Enjoy the power of social media. Each product listed on Buya can be posted to 300+ social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Leverage your marketing efforts and watch your inventory flip like hotcakes.

Not sure which solution is right for you?

Chat with us or give us a call at 888.407.6287 to talk to a Bravo expert.

Multi Store POS

Grow and scale your business with confidence

Enterprise POS

Big-box conveniences and personalized service
across your chain

Built with the Features that Pawnbrokers Need Most

Plus the ones that will give you a competitive edge



Sell on Buya, eBay, Craigslist, Gun Broker, Amazon, & more

I contribute a lot of Max Pawn’s eCommerce success to the processes provided by utilizing the Bravo software. With the right process in place, I’m able to better market my inventory for online selling channels and reach a wider range of customers.
– Michael Mack, Max Pawn



Easy to learn, easy to use

For me and my employees, Bravo was very easy to train on. Bravo gives employees autonomy while providing managers and owners peace of mind knowing they've given their employees the tools they need to finish their own deals.
- Tom Stout, GNT Jewelry and Loan


Cloud POS

Safe, secure, and worry free

As a cloud-based software, Bravo is able to provide customers with automatic updates – constantly bringing new and improved features. This is unlike other pawn software where you would have to actually shut down the system and store to process an update.
- Mathew Sams, Gateway Jewelry & Pawn



See your strengths and weaknesses

The reporting function is the best. I can bring up a report for just about anything. Called up tech support and walked through how to build a report on the top 10 selling items. Reports make the system an easy-to-use interface and has a quick learning curve.
- Darrin Green, Double Eagle Firearms

We are validated

Hear from Bravo customers that use our system every day

Ryan Handschake

Pawn Central, Iowa & Illinois

Thank you so much for your fast response and support! Bravo’s Customer Service from my experience has been by far the best I’ve ever worked with.

Ken Fanning

Cash Today Pawn, Florida

I’ve been on Bravo for 60 days now. I Can tell you this is by far the best pawn program I’ve ever used. I have used TOPS, Compupawn, and PawnMaster® and Bravo blows all of these other systems away. I want to thank you for making an outstanding pawnshop management system that far surpasses the others and is easily affordable. You have a new fan!

Kevin Dyche

Plan B Pawn, Colorado

Incredible. You are the man Steve Mack, and Bravo is unbelievable. We couldn’t be happier to be on Team Bravo!

Roger Loder

Grupo Internacional SA de CV, Mexico

We have had a huge, huge first quarter! We’ve grown our loan balance more than 27% and improved our PBT. Thanks Bravo! We have had the most limited problems with Telmex and Internet downtime.

Dave Munsee

Liberty Pawn and Gold, Virginia

Bravo and Buya have been the best thing to happen to my pawn business ever. EVER! If anyone has any questions or concerns about the best thing to hit this industry since the cash register have them call me.

Mathew D Sams

Gateway Jewelry and Pawn, Inc

Just wanted to say thanks for building the greatest pawn software out there. It keeps get better with every update. We are working hard to get all converted inventory from our prior system run thru the estimator and pictures up on BUYA.

Kevin Ballenger

Gateway Jewelry and Pawn

I love Bravo for so many reasons. The main reason is the ease of navigation. It is simple to use and gets you to where you need to be whether it’s writing a loan or making a sale. Another huge plus, Buya and eBay.


Capital Pawn

Hi Bravo Team,
Beth here at Capital Pawn in Salem, Oregon. We just want to say a great, big THANK YOU for listening to all of our many, many suggestions and then changing things to make our lives faster and easier. This morning in our team meeting we demonstrated the newest feature of being able to see all dates for loans at a glance. We love it!!!
Beth and the team at Capital Pawn


Patriot Gun and Pawn

I’ve been a customer since March of 2013. I love the functionality of Bravo, and the Bravo Support Team has been absolutely wonderful. Thanks, Bravo team, you’re doing an amazing job.

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