Meet the Team | Clovis Harris, Office Manager & Technical Support Analyst

This week I’d like to introduce you to a relatively new member to the Bravo team that isn’t so new to the pawn software industry.  Clovis Harris brings his years of experience assisting CompuPawn customers and managing the CompuPawn support team, all of which contributes to Bravo’s commitment of delivering excellent customer service across all of our verticals.

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Meet the Team | Tally Mack, VP of Business Development

If you’ve stopped by the Bravo booth at one of the Pawn Conventions, you’ve most likely ran into and met Tally Mack, our VP of Business Development. She has been a predominant face of the Bravo business practically since day one and works diligently to build and grow the Bravo brand everyday. Learn more about her and what she does inside and out of Bravo in this week’s edition of Meet the Team.

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