Why Automated Work Flows Are Vital to Your Pawn Business

Your employees are the most important part of your business, yet they are also the most expensive part of running your business. From the very first day you hire an employee, their productivity is mission critical to your success. My grandfather used to say, “a new pawnbroker was not worth a damn in their first year.” Today, employees need to ramp up and be fully productive in 1 week. In order to fully enjoy productive employment your employees need to be performing at the highest level. What are those activities? Are your employees always doing the things they should be?  How do you direct them day in and day out?

Today your pawnshop requires Automated Work Flows (AWF). As we all know, in the pawnshop each day, it is a never ending effort to keep on top of the regulations, administration, selling, evaluation, cleaning, organizing, storing, counting, inventory, security, and oh yeah, remember the customers!

These workflows are the backbone of running a well-run and productive pawnshop. It saves you time. It reminds you and your employees what needs to be next. Bravo is the only software solution that provides Work Flow Automation. This is a very interactive service. Bravo has 45 workflows updating every 15 seconds.

Automated Work Flows - number 2 on the list of the top 10 features your system should include.  Your employees are the most important part of your business. Your employees also are the most expensive

All of this adds up so that each and every transaction you perform in your store with Bravo cost you a whole lot less and is where Bravo drives value to your bottom line.

Everyone that switches to Bravo instantly sees the benefit. The Bravo team is the most experienced collection of Pawnbrokers and Developers ever assembled resulting in a Pawn System that is easy to use and makes pawnbroking sense.

Click here to sign up for a demo and let us show you how Automated Workflows Work.


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Steve Mack

Steve Mack

Every day I look for passionate people that want to join my company. Every day I think about how Bravo can help business achieve greater productivity. Every day we look how to integrate Bravo into businesses that want to save the environment by utilizing their assets longer.

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