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Bravo Pawn Systems is the leading pawnbroker point of sale solution. We want to exceed your expectations by being innovative, integrated, supportive, and affordable. Our stats speak for themselves. So check out our features, and when you’re ready, contact us for a demo.

$40,000+ Growth in Your First Year on Bravo

70,000 MobilePawn Customers Making Mobile Payments

8,500 Pawnshop Users Across 8 Countries


Point of Sale Pawn Software that Works for You

Our pawn point of sale software is designed to go beyond ringing sales, calculating interest, and printing tickets. We’ll help you with layaways, gift cards, splitting commissions, and much more. We want to simplify all your day-to-day pawnshop operations so that you can focus on your customers.

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We really love Bravo… There isn't another software company around that can come close to what you offer.

Sooner State Pawn


Use Technology to Boost Your Sales with MobilePawn

Nothing matters more to your business than evolving to meet the technological demands of consumers. So we’ve created the first pawnbroker app to connect you with your mobile customers: MobilePawn. Not only can customers shop all your locations day or night, they can also make loan and layaway payments instantly. It’s convenience for them, extra revenue for you!

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MobilePawn gives our customers convenience. It gives us a competitive advantage. The best part is walking in to open our store for the day, and to already have a bunch of loan renewals and layaway extensions completed with money collected.



Reach Beyond Your Brick-and-Mortar Pawn Shop

Stay open 24/7 with our eCommerce pawn solutions. Create a Buya.com profile or upload your inventory to eBay with our seamless integration. You’re pawn inventory will be synced so that once an item sells, it’s removed from all channels. We’ll even help with promoting your products on Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as in our Buya.com emails.

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I am selling so much online I am actually reducing my store size to a smaller location. I am selling my inventory as fast as it comes out of loan. What more could I ask for.

A Plus Pawn

Huntington Super Pawn

Meet Randy Wooten

Number of stores: 2

Location: Huntington Beach, California

Why Bravo

I love the Bravo Dashboard. It's one of my favorite features. During the day, I can access anything I want from the home screen. From the Dashboard, I can also see my Company Performance report. It gives me all of the numbers I need to run my business. Plus, I love the Bravo Estimator. It helps my employees determine the value of jewelry and merchandise, establishing a consistent guideline for how much should be loaned on each item that comes into his store.

Bravo Pawn Systems Puts You First

Personalized Onboarding

Personalized Onboarding

Our Bravo product specialists want to understand you as well as they understand the pawn business. From the moment you sign up, we'll work to tailor your training to fit your needs.

Free Customer Support

Free Customer Support

We invest in our customers. We offer live customer support at no additional cost and take pride in our 100% answer rate. We also hold daily Q&A sessions to answer questions and hear suggestions.

Ongoing Development

Ongoing Development

We continually enhance our pawn software to meet the needs of an evolving market. And since all updates are automatic (and free!), you'll always have the latest enhancements at your fingertips.

Growing Community

Growing Community

Our pawnbroker forum connects you to a community like no other. Get to know other Bravo Pawn Systems users to gain valuable tips that will help you succeed.