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[New Release] Bravo Version 2.3.3 is Now LIVE!!!

It’s that time again for another Bravo Release! We are excited to launch version 2.3.3 with a slew of new and exciting features. Let’s start with a list of the FREE SaaS updates for this Bravo Release: Added Hotkeys to… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter] Master eCommerce from your own Mobile Device!

Here’s your weekly scoop into all things pawn to help you get your month started off right!… Read More

Bravo Mobile Expands to Include Web Offers

I’m excited to announce that Bravo is expanding functionality to our Mobile Platform again! This week we introduce to store owners and their management team the ability to manage online business 24/7 via Apple or Android mobile devices.  Now you can accept or… Read More

Bravo Store Spotlight: Sam’s Locker

About Sam’s Locker Sam’s Locker was formed in late 2014 when the owner Samuel Reading decided to turn his focus towards the Pawn business. Unlike many pawnbrokers, this wasn’t a hand-me-down business or something he long sought after… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter] Start October Off on the Right Foot!

 Here’s your weekly scoop into all things pawn to help you get your month started off right! … Read More

[Webinar] Helping PawnShops Prepare for the Holiday Season with Steve Mack

Recently, Bravo Pawn Systems hosted a webinar where our Founder and CEO Steve Mack shared his insights on a variety of issues currently affecting the pawn industry. Topics covered are: The upcoming holiday season and how to prepare for success. Read More

Bravo Pawn Systems Gives Back to Local Community

On Monday September 28, 2015, employees from Bravo Pawn Systems volunteered their time at Three Square Las Vegas, a food bank that helps provide food assistance to local residents. Three Square’s mission is to strive for a… Read More

9 Tips for Reducing eCommerce Return Rates

A high merchandise return rate is an expensive hassle. If you are currently selling online, you’re no stranger to returns. Online consumers return 20% to 30% of apparel and soft goods, and 10% of home products and toys. Although returns… Read More

Bravo eCommerce Finishes August Stronger Than Ever

I know we keep saying it but WOW, what a month we had on Bravo eCommerce! Through the Bravo integrations with Buya, eBay, and Company-Branded Websites (ShopDot), Bravo users have been able to capitalize on a HUGE increase in sales… Read More

Too Early to Prepare for Holiday Sales? Think Not!

Although September has just begun and the holiday sales season seems far away,  now is actually the time to start preparing in order to have a successful holiday season. There may be a lot of… Read More

Prepare for Fall By Increasing Your Bravo Knowledge

WHERE DID THE YEAR GO?  I have uttered these words so often in the past few months. Yet, with the most festive and busy season ahead of us, we have lots to look forward to. Read More Has Yet Another Record Breaking Sales Day and Merchants are Making Bank

View the press release on PRweb by clicking here. On Thursday, August 27th, and Bravo eCommerce had yet another record breaking sales day with over 140 transactions done in a single day – the highest… Read More

Emergency Planning Part 1: Being Prepared Could Save Your Business

Original post featured in the National Pawnbrokers Association Summer 2015 issue. A natural disaster can strike no matter where you live in the U.S. You have hurricanes on the east coast, earthquakes on the west coast, and… Read More