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A Complete List of February 2015 Product Updates

We’re heading into the last month of the quarter and we’ve been busy creating new features to help you get the most out of your pawn software. March into March with these new features! New End of Day… Read More

Solution Center Roundup – February 2015

Mandi here again from Bravo Training. Hard to believe that March is here. It is around this time that people settle into their routines and often lose site of the new resolutions they set at the beginning of the year. Read More

Pawn – Mobile – Bravo – Coming soon…

Bravo started development this week on one of its most exciting new platform products, Bravo Mobile. Bravo Platform extends its iPaas (Integration Platform as a Service) to its Bravo Users – B2B – with roll-out to commence in… Read More

Solution Center Roundup – January 2015

Mandi here! This is my very first blog post. Woo hoo! I head up the training department and you can find me leading webinars, hosting trainings at Bravo HQ, traveling to onsite trainings, writing Solution Center articles, and now… BLOGGING!… Read More

2015 Bravo Pawn Systems

Bravo has grown from a well-kept secret to an industry trend.  Our continued innovations pay dividends in the form of exponential business growth, competitive edge and previously unfathomed revenues for our users. Many of you were hesitant to join the… Read More

A Complete List of January 2015 Product Updates

2015 is off to a start and that means we’re bringing you new features, product enhancements, and upgrades. This month’s release includes: Store Short Name – An optional short name may be up to 7 characters long. This… Read More