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Manage that Extra Holiday Inventory

‘Tis the season of giving and receiving, and you’ve probably received an influx of inventory from increased holiday foot traffic. Whether your customers just needed to scrape together some extra cash or wanted to sell something old for a newer… Read More

2017 – Year in Review and Look Ahead

2017 was our best year in Bravo history. This month, we’ve been counting down our biggest accomplishments of the year. Here’s an overview of Bravo’s new features and enhancements. We remain committed to the pawn industry – helping pawnbrokers… Read More

Buya Exceeds 2017’s Predictions

Buya, the only marketplace exclusively for pawnbrokers, continues to drive more traffic and more dollars into pawnbrokers’ pockets. The secret to success is no longer just get your inventory out there and see how it performs. The most successful… Read More

Closing 2017 with a BANG – Our huge move to Microsoft Azure

As Bravo geared up to acquire CompuPawn and double the size of our company in less than one year, the Bravo Software and Hardware Team began researching a new hardware infrastructure that would yield better stability, more redundancy, and quicker… Read More

Drive Employee Engagement with the Only Mobile App for Pawnshops

“If a company isn’t deploying mobile apps, it is at a competitive disadvantage.“ Our prediction for 2018 – More MOBILE. Don’t be a pawnbroker who buries your head in the sand, is swayed by fear tactics, and may… Read More

Christmas Comes Early for Bravo Pawnbrokers

Boxes have shipped and will be reaching you soon… One of our biggest initiatives of 2017 was helping pawnshops promote MobilePawn within their store locations. We launched operation MobilePawn In-Store Marketing Material back in July and if you’re an MobilePawn… Read More

Mobile Feature Launch – Mobile Pawnshop Shopping 24/7

In 2016, we launched our fastest adopted product in history – MobilePawn. MobilePawn is the first and only pawn mobile app that connects you with your customers. MobilePawn enables you to elevate your customer service and see immediate… Read More

Get the Gift of Extra Holiday Revenue with a POS System for Your Pawn Shop

The holidays are here and December is prime shopping time. It’s the perfect season to attract new customers eager to pawn items for some extra spending cash or looking to find that perfect gift at the best price. Don’t let… Read More

Customer Suggestions Lead the Way in 2018

Bravo is known in the pawn industry for its innovation and leading technology. Our founder, Steve Mack, speaks at the pawn conventions about industry trends, remaining relevant, and how to stay competitive. Other pawn software companies look to our features… Read More

Categories are Important – Here’s Why

There’s lots of reasons for categorizing items, and in today’s Internet of Things, the importance continues to grow. As collections of information have grown, it has become imperative to figure out how to improve information finding. Most pawn software systems… Read More

Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Wrap Up the Holiday Season

It’s proven to be true thus far – Mobile continues to be the marketing hero of the holiday buying season in 2017. Consumers are now using their smartphones to do preliminary research on products and pricing, as well as making… Read More

Speed Up Your Loan Line – Reloaning on a Whole Ticket

Sometimes, instead of wanting to reloan on one item from a prior multi-item ticket, a customer will want to reloan all items from a previous ticket. On September 29, 2017, Bravo launched Reloan on a Whole Ticket which enables you to… Read More

New Website Launch – Power to the Pawnbroker

We’ve been jumping for joy for December 15, 2017. Bravo is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Our vision is to create a resource center for pawnbrokers to visit, learn, share, and grow – not just for… Read More