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First Customer Suggestions Meeting of 2017 Kicks Off Strong

We wrapped up our first customer suggestion meeting of 2017 last week. These meetings include the department heads of development, sales, customer service, and technical support. Your suggestions and feedback are so important because it provides us with… Read More

MobilePawn Growth and Adoption is Setting Records and Exceeding Expectations

We launched the pawn industry’s first mobile application for consumers in August 2016, and have seen rapid adoption and growth. I am excited to announce the launch of MobilePawn Phase III in a few short weeks. The launch of… Read More

WHITE PAPER : What Makes Bravo So Unique in Today’s Pawn Software Market

Pawn Software solutions are not new. In fact, they were on the market very early in the 1980’s starting with the early version of Microsoft DOS. These early systems laid the foundation for the next… Read More

Watch : Accounting for Pawn Shops presented by Woody Mathews, C.P.A.

In this webinar, Certified Public Accountant Woody Mathews of AuldridgeGriffin in Fort Worth, Texas, goes over the main areas of emphasis that pawn operators should be aware of in… Read More

Bravo Newsletter (Jan 13) : New Year | New Goals

Welcome to this edition of the Bravo Newsletter where we aim to bring you the latest Pawn Industry news, a tip to improve your Bravo experience, and any updates from the Bravo team. Enjoy!… Read More

Why it is Important to Avoid “The Hook Up”

Original post on As an employee or representative for your company, you are given the privilege and trust to oversee merchandise and transactions alike. This is a huge responsibility, and should be… Read More

Bravo’s Top 10 Blogs of 2016

The Bravo blog aims to bring you rich content that helps you with your everyday business operations and to also keep you informed with the latest Bravo news. In 2016 we covered topics like the Military Lending Act,… Read More