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What is the Best Pawn Software? Bravo is the Name, MobilePawn is the Game.

Pawn shows and awareness around the industry has glorified collateralized loans and how much money can be made. It seemed everybody wanted to open a pawn shop or for those already in the business, they wanted to expand.  Fast forward… Read More

Exciting Times at Bravo Pawn Systems

I’m sure you’ve seen recent news about Pawn America, a chain of two dozen pawn shops, filing for Chapter 11 due to challenging retail times.  And maybe you’ve seen the results from NPA’s 2016 Trend Survey showing 47… Read More

Let’s Set the Record Straight – Top 3 False Statements Made by PawnMaster

As CEO of Bravo Store Systems, I’m a firm believer that healthy competition drives innovation. In fact, Bravo’s competition with other systems has motivated us to become the fastest growing and most innovative pawnbroker platform in the industry.  However, just… Read More