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THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING… 3 eCommerce Myths Debunked

Building an eCommerce presence for your pawn shop is no longer an option, it’s necessary if you hope to stay competitive. We are not just talking about staying competitive with the shop down the street—we believe the competition has moved… Read More

Building an eCommerce presence for your pawn shop is no longer an option, it’s necessary if you hope to stay competitive. We are not just talking about staying competitive with the shop down the street—we believe the competition has moved in and now resides in your customers back pocket, yes we are speaking about the internet and mobile. Look around your showroom floor, just see if you can find an item that isn’t available online. Because eCommerce and mobile make it so easy to find a good deal, we believe pawn shops need to offer the same convenience to stand a fighting chance. 

Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably already realized the importance of eCommerce as well as some of the challenges and limitations that seemingly stand between you and success. We pushed all our chips on the table when we buildour eCommerce and mobile platforms in order to provide the best user experience. This article details how Bravo is here to help bust these myths. 

Myth #1: “Listing inventory online takes too much time” 

eCommerce can seem prohibitively time consuming! It starts with cleaning and preparing items for quality photos, followed up by accurate product descriptions, then the purchase of Google AdWords connecting online shoppers to available inventory.  

Those who have already started listing online may have discovered how inefficient this very manual process is. However, by leveraging current technologies like the integrated eCommerce platform Bravo Pawn System offers, listing and advertising inventory online is as easy as 1-2-3.  Bravo’s native integrations are very much different than the bolt-on technology other pawn software is providing.

Posting online with Bravo

1) The Bravo Shopkeeper app makes capturing new images a SNAP – saving photos to Bravo instantly. Those photos then get used on every eCommerce platform you post to. 

2) When employees answer the questions in the Bravo Estimator, they are not only properly underwriting each and every loan or purchase based on the item’s condition, but they are actually capturing the most important details about the item. Bravo uses this to generate a perfect product description for every item automatically. 

3) Last, the description is automatically optimized for Google Ad Words AND Google Product Listing Ads which geo-targets online shoppers in your local area! 

FACT: Listing inventory online with Bravo is as simple as checking 1 box! Even better…Bravo can be configured to upload items by default, as soon as they’re priced. 

 Myth #2: “I have to keep track of my inventory in multiple places” 

Let’s say you post a listing for an item on your sales floor. What happens when that item sells in-store? You’ll need to remember to remove it online. And if it sells online, you need to remove it from the sales floor. Otherwise, you risk double-selling an item, and getting negative feedback from disappointed online buyers. 

Online customer service is important

You might have seen other pawn software charge to generate templates. Templates are simple to build, in fact, we offer this for free. But even if you use an HTML template to post items quickly, there is little to no communication between that transaction and your Point-of-Sale inventory management system. 

This is such a big problem that some shops have resorted to REMOVING certain items from their salesfloor and ONLY selling those items online! 

FACT: With Bravo your inventory is synched on all platforms, at all the times. Whether you’re selling on eBay, Buya, or your own company branded website, when an item sells in-store, Bravo automatically removes the item online, and the same is true in reverse. If an item sells online, Bravo flags the item and warns the employee.  

Myth #3: “I just need to offer the lowest prices and my items will sell!”  

Sure, low prices are important, however there are other factors that shoppers consider when making an online purchase, most notably – shipping costs! Free shipping has become almost a standard today. In fact, if online shoppers can’t get free shipping from you, you can almost guarantee that they’ll find free shipping somewhere else. 

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Another importation factor to consider is negotiating! Instore customers make offers all the time, so why not let them make offers online too? If you wouldn’t let an in-store customer walk out over a few dollars, don’t let your online shoppers abandon cart over a couple bucks! Online shoppers crave the same two-way communication you offer your instore customers. 

Fact: Bravo helps sell items faster! Bravo customers choose if they want to offer free shipping, and/or if they allow negotiating on an item by item basis. All offers are displayed in the Bravo Dashboard or the Bravo Shopkeeper mobile app so they can be quickly viewed and accepted or counteroffered. 

As a Pawn Shop owner, no matter your size, location, or customer base, it’s imperative you quickly identify and recognize the misconceptions that come from underutilizing today’s technology.  Bravo was founded by pawnbrokers who believed the industry needed better technology. And with every product we launch, we aim to help Pawnbrokers coexist and even compete with the biggest retailers today.