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Grow your pawn shop’s online presence

There is so much information out there these days. There are 1000s of books on marketing, growing your business, being successful, etc. Not to mention what’s online. I’ve found that a lot of people read these good books and have… Read More

There is so much information out there these days. There are 1000s of books on marketing, growing your business, being successful, etc. Not to mention what’s online. I’ve found that a lot of people read these good books and have trouble implementing any of the ideas into their business.

Because of that, I’ve written a short list of things that you can do, that will help you grow your pawn shop. I’ll take you through the what, the how and the why so you’ll know you’re not wasting time.

1. Post Giveaways on Big Local Facebook Groups

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s one the best things you can do for ROI. You offer a free item, ask them to comment on the post to be entered in the giveaway, and add a deadline a day or two out. I’ve done this with rings, pizza and T-shirts. You can also make a game of it, like this.


It’s a very simple way to get a lot of engagement with locals. Over 7800 people saw this, and over 1000 engaged with the post in some way. 272 people reacted, commented or shared the post, which means their friends also saw the post. This not only gets you really cheap advertising, it also builds rapport with the community.

2. Post Great Photos of Your Business Where It Counts

When people first find your business online, what are they seeing? A lot of shops there are a few photos, mostly YEARS old. You should be adding fresh photos of your shop, and your products constantly.

The first reason you should do this, is because it gives your customers a better idea of your store, and makes them more comfortable with you before they even step foot inside. The second reason is because Google loves it.

As you can see, Google asks you to post more photos on their “Google My Business” site. You also might notice that on the 20th over 1200 people viewed the photos that I posted on our Google My Business page. You can add photos to Yelp as well, and you should because they show up high on the image search results! Try to add a batch, maybe 20 photos, every few months.

3. Post on Your “Google My Business” Profile

These posts show up on Google when someone is searching for you, and it helps Google to understand what kind of business you are, and they will direct you more customers when they do. These expire weekly, so one a week is fine, but you can also post daily. Here is what they look like.


This is another good way to get local exposure for the services or products you’re offering. Sometimes I do things that we have for sale, and sometimes I post about buying gold, or a special event.

4. Post Articles on Your Website

We’re pawnbrokers, not writers, right? Well, if you can talk, you can write. Just come up with a relevant topic and go on about it. There are so many options for this, because we get so many unique things through the door.
If you love jewelry, you could write about the different precious metals used in jewelry, and their pros and cons. If you love guns, you can talk about different models and how they compare. You could write about how a loan works in your state, there is no end to the possibilities.


We get over 140 website a month from one of the articles we wrote on firearms. Why should you write articles though? Google loves it. They will show you way more often and for more searches if you’re writing good posts. They’re a big robot, and for them to understand you, they need more information about you. If they see articles about jewelry, they will know that you probably sell jewelry, and will show you up when someone searches for “used jewelry” or “gold buyer near me.”


You can see over the last 12 months, we have been growing the online presence of our pawn shop. I’ve been doing all of these things occasionally and having good results. If you really attacked it, you would see much faster and greater growth.

5. Get More Reviews

I look up all sorts of business online, and they’re always rated. You know how good you are, but what if your rating doesn’t match that? A few angry customers (you know what I mean) can leave your online reputation in poor regard.

But think about your 100s of customers that love you! A lot of them will be willing to leave you a nice FAT 5 star review if you ask them, and then make it easy for them to leave you one!

You can set up a link to review you through your “Google My Business” profile. Here’s what it looks like.

You can (and should) print out a review card, that has this link on it, with a QR code on it also that links to that same link, for smartphone users. That will make it easier on your customer. Remembering is the hardest part, but if they have a card, they’re more likely to do it.
If you make it a part of store policy, you’ll start rolling those 5 star reviews in! Just remember to give the card to the happy customers!


Parting Words

If you take this article to heart, you will grow. I know it’s not easy to squeeze new things into the schedule, but these can also be delegated or done after hours.
There’s no magic bullet here, just work and a little know how. You can do it! The more creative and better you are than your competition, the more customers you will get!


About the Author

Steven Sinatra Owner of Wyser Marketing, Co-owner of World Pawn Exchange

Steven is a second-generation pawnbroker who found his passion in marketing while working to improve his very own online presence at World Pawn Exchange. Recognizing that continuance of “business as normal” while competitors took advantage of newer kinds of marketing was a one-way ticket to obsoletion, Steven dug in.

Today Wyser Marketing offers Internet Marketing, Advertising and SEO, specializing in local SEO, Social Engagement, Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising and Online Reputation Management for hundreds of industries including….PAWNBROKERS! If you’d like to chat with Steven, please reach out!

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