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How to Leverage Bravo to Stand Out in the Pawn Industry

Are you a pawnbroker that is ready to take your business to the next level?  At Bravo, we are dedicated to the pawn industry and love sharing new tips & tricks on how to amplify businesses while improving customer retention!… Read More

[Webinar] How to Have Counterfeit Conversations that Don’t Hurt the Customer Experience

Buying, selling, and trading luxury items can be difficult—especially when the customer is unaware that their item is counterfeit! The customer experience is one of the most important aspects of running a pawn shop. Read More

5 Newly Discovered Things That Make My Life as CEO Easier, Better, and More Efficient

Physicist Albert-László Barabási wrote, “Time is our most valuable nonrenewable resource, and if we want to treat it with respect, we need to set priorities.”   Bravo has nearly reached fifty employees, and our most recent growth spurt… Read More

Quick Guide to Selling Online and Why Pull Strategy is Just as Important as Push

What is the best strategy to sell online for a small business owner? This article will share two eCommerce concepts, the potential success of a combined approach, and how you can implement both immediately.   Push… Read More

How to Display Luxury Items In-Store to Sell More

  Guest Author: Deanna Thompson, Head of Strategic Operations at Marque Luxury  Selling luxury goods is unlike any other category of items you sell. When you apply industry best practices for displaying… Read More

How to Advertise Luxury Handbags to​ Increase In-Store & Online Traffic 

  Guest Author: Deanna Thompson, Head of Strategic Operations at Marque Luxury    Advertising luxury goods is unlike other advertising you do online. It is critical that you advertise the correct way to… Read More

Easy-to-Use Guide for Scaling Your Pawn Business

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What You Need-to-Know to Impress Customers in a Digital Age

The heart of every business is a healthy relationship with its customers! You want patrons to consider your business when making a buying decision and the easiest way to stay top-of-mind is by developing a trustworthy relationship in hopes that… Read More

14 of the Most Common Employee Training Problems

Here is some sound advice from Brad Huisken of IAS Training! He explains some of the most common problems that pawnbrokers encounter when training employees. Our team has added a… Read More

Introducing…Review Booster!

Learn more about Review Booster and speak to an expert now! Click here to contact one of our experts. About the Author: Tally Mack is the CEO of Bravo Pawn Systems. She’s a fifth-generation pawnbroker… Read More

How to Improve the Customer Experience with Mobile Messenger

Watch this short video to learn the benefits of having access to a mobile platform to improve the customer experience!     About the Author: Tally Mack is the CEO of Bravo Pawn Systems. She’s a… Read More

Data Deep Dive – How to Use Bravo Data to Lend the Max

Bravo’s data is like no other. By the end of this article, you’ll know why big data analytics is essential and the difference between a database and a data warehouse. It may sound boring, but if leveraged, will… Read More

How to Evaluate Pawn Platforms: Your Complete Comparison Checklist

The technology you rely on to help you operate your business has a significant impact on your ability to grow, scale, maximize efficiencies, improve productivity, operate more profitably, and deliver… Read More