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Our Take: Neil Patel’s “Why SMS Marketing Doesn’t Suck Anymore (And How to Use it to Generate New Revenue)”

Neil Patel is renowned in the marketing world and has a reputation for being ahead of the curve. In his recent blog, “Why SMS Marketing Doesn’t Suck Anymore (And How to Use it to Generate New Revenue)… Read More

How to Turn Your Scrap Refining Process Into a Gold Mine

Purpose: To help pawnbrokers yield greater returns and profits from their scrap refining process. Have you been wanting help with estimating your pawn shop’s return? This short article will show you the ins-and-outs of the scrap refining process and offer a… Read More

Taking a Deeper Look into the Bravo Jewelry Estimator!

Introducing the Jewelry Master!   As a pawnbroker—are curious about how to better evaluate the worth of the jewelry that comes into your shop?  Our Jewelry Master is the perfect way to get price estimations, based on:  … Read More

Bravo, Internet & the Cloud: Finding the Right ISP for Your Pawn Shop

This guest post was provided by Stevo, one of Bravo’s very own Support Gurus. Bravo is the only truly cloud-based pawn platform and comes packed with advanced cloud capabilities. Everything you do in Bravo is backed up on the cloud… Read More

[Webinar] Understanding the Scrap Refining Process

What is Your Pawn Shop’s Scrap Refining Process?   Check out our training webinar that explains the scrap refining process! Dive deep into this process with Steve-o to learn how it works with the Bravo Pawn Platform. You will also… Read More

The most common mistakes Pawnbrokers make when valuing Louis Vuitton products

As a pawnbroker, you see hundreds of items passed over the counter every week. Anything from knock-off Rolex’s to high-quality Louis Vuitton bags. For obvious reasons, it’s important to value these as accurately as possible. Valuing these incorrectly, especially overvaluing… Read More

The Cloud’s Top 4 Security Concerns Shot Down

Let’s shoot down some cloud myths, but before we do, let’s clear the air. What IS the Cloud?   Simply put, cloud computing is when you run programs and store/access data over the internet. But why does… Read More

Updated Bravo Pro Reports

This year, we focused on upgrading technology to allow for sleeker design and enhanced user-interface for our customers. The What? Refreshed analytical reports to help you make informed decisions and see your business from new perspectives. The Where? From… Read More

Kiosk for Pawn

By Steve Mack In 1996 I had the opportunity to be a consultant for Wells Fargo Bank on a joint project with Cash America called “InnoVentry”. This experience has provided me with a unique insight into this $120 million-dollar development… Read More

Bravo Update 2.5.2. Check Out the Most Powerful Bravo Yet.

We’re thrilled to announce that Bravo has completed the development of Bravo 2.5.2, and the update is now live! Innovation has always been at the center of Bravo’s mission. This new upgrade is advancing Bravo’s core technologies and is… Read More

Marketing Guide to Gen Z – The Top 3 Most Vital Things to Keep in Mind

Gen Z, and their $44 billion of spending power, approaches retail different than their predecessors. To stay relevant, pawnbrokers must once again evolve their marketing strategy around acquiring this new age demographic. Read More

Bravo Team volunteers to help feed local families

At Bravo, we believe that volunteering can be a catalyst for social change: it transforms both the life of the beneficiary and that of the volunteer. Last Friday, Team Bravo experienced this first-hand by helping at… Read More

How to Leverage eCommerce With Less Effort Than Your Current System

Pawn, eBay, eCommerce, Internet, Regulations & Brick & Mortar are just a few of the major issues facing the Pawnbroker on a daily basis. The question becomes:  How Do I Leverage eCommerce for My Pawn Shop? If you have asked… Read More