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California Pawn Convention – That’s a wrap

Thank you! To everybody that stopped by our booth. That talked to Steve or me. That sat down for a demonstration. It was truly a pleasure to meet you all.  And of course, a special shout out to our customers… Read More

Mobile Pawn – Pawn customers can now view their loans on their cell phone

Next week Bravo launches this exclusive service to all of our customers.   With the advancement in mobile… Read More

Paying It Forward

I am proud to announce that we completed our first  service today. Southwest is a company I admire for their “luvable” customer service and commitment to giving back. An article I recently read said, “We believe in connecting people to what’s important in their lives. We know how these connections often happen in communities, and our commitment to them is as strong as ever.” I can relate. Our team rallied early this morning. We met at the Habitat for Humanity construction site in North Las Vegas. We put our hard hats on and got to work. We may be a software service company, but we believe in inspiring change and making a difference in the lives of others. Today was a great day and we will forever continue our commitment to giving back. Check out our pictures below. You can click the images to enlarge. ' Read More

Operation Choke Point – How pawnshops can find capital when they are blacklisted

The Department of Justice suggests that the operation is to combat unlawful mass-market consumer fraud by targeting 30 high-risk industries, as labeled by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in a 2011 report titled “Managing Risks in Third-Party Payment Processor… Read More

Bravo Revolution Website Re-Launch

Hello and thanks for stopping by our brand new website! We’ve spruced things up a bit. When we set out to release a new version of BravoRevolution.com, our priority was easy navigation. We’ve added a Solutions section so now you… Read More

Pawnbrokers Guide – How to evaluate an IPad 2

Shopping pawnshops online just went mobile

 … Read More

Online Pawn Shop Network

We strive to provide pawn shops an online avenue of selling. Turn your inventory faster, put more money on the street, spend more time with your customers. 449 Current Pawn Shops   The most… Read More

See your pawn shop data with Microsoft Business Intelligence

  Management Dashboard   Loan Management Dashboard   Retail Dashboard   Loss Prevention Dashboard   Employee Performance Dashboard   Employee Resource Planning Dashboard  … Read More

Shop Dot – Your company’s branded website

Omni channel commerce is concentrated on a seamless approach to the customer experience through all available shopping channels including mobile, computers, and in store. Big boy retailers are deploying Omni commerce strategy and the trend is here to stay. So… Read More

Where is pawn heading?

Change is becoming inevitable with Microsoft XP discontinuing support, more government regulation, competition outside our own industry, Internet Pawn, and the major shift of product availability and … Read More

Introducing a pawn software service with integrated eBay

Bravo Store Systems announces the release of its new eBay Bravo Buya application programming interface integration.  After 2 years of preparation and over $2m of development investment, we are live with our exclusive Cloud Service API. Bravo team members acclaimed by… Read More

Empower your employees to earn your pawnshop more money

David Geisinger, in his article, The Retail Strategy Lead for eBay, describes today’s customer and how a Point of Sale should empower employees in providing compelling customer service agents. To read the the article, … Read More