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Bravo Store Spotlight: GNT Jewelry and Loan

Buya Store                                    Ebay Store About GNT Jewelry and Loan: GNT Jewelry and… Read More

9 Tips to Building a SEO Friendly Website

Nowadays just having a website isn’t going to cut it in the highly saturated world of the Internet. If someone searches for your website and you haven’t employed any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, you probably won’t even… Read More

How Long Does the Product Acquisition Process take for Bravo?

One of the most common questions we get at Bravo is how long does the actual product acquisition process take and our answer is always – it depends. We aren’t normally one for vague answers but Bravo can be customized to… Read More

Coming Soon: Windows 10.. Should You Upgrade?

Windows 10 is about to debut this July 29th  and brings with it some exciting new features. No worries, this will be a free upgrade if you are currently using Windows 7 or 8. Image… Read More

All About Bravo Release

Bravo is always on the move to improve and develop great features and products to keep your business a step ahead of the game – this latest release chock-full of new features is evident of that! The features in Release… Read More

Are the Facebook and Google Buy Buttons a Blessing or Burden to eCommerce?

Many Pawn Shops are making the move to eCommerce – some have even been selling online for years now. The opportunity to improve your cash flow by utilizing eCommerce to sell your items is huge and too big for you… Read More

King’s Pawn Case Study: Take the Complexity Out of Pawn Management

Not only is running a Pawn Shop full of complexities, but with the challenging economy and stiff competition – it is becoming ever harder for the Pawnbroker to make their mark. Check out King’s Pawn story and what… Read More

Bravo Spotlight: Gateway Jewelry & Pawn

About Gateway Jewelry & Pawn: Gateway Jewelry and Pawn is a family owned and operated business located in the exciting college town of Athens, GA. Their first store opened in 1985 and expanded to… Read More

We Just Think Different About Competitive Analysis

Last week, we were asked for the first time by a new pawnbroker to provide a competitive comparison of Bravo with the other software products in the pawn industry. This is typically a pretty mundane effort that requires a spreadsheet full… Read More

Bravo Announces New Integration With EyesOn to Be Released May 21

Here at Bravo we continually look for ways to provide the best tools to Pawnbrokers in order for them to take their Pawn Shop to the next level. With this in mind, we are excited to announce that on May… Read More

Could A POS Breakdown Like Starbucks Happen To Your Pawn Shop?

For some lucky Starbucks aficionados, last Friday (April 24th) was like Christmas. Around 7:30 pm EST, the Point-of-Sale system that about 7,000 stores nationwide use for their cash registers had a system meltdown – leading many stores to offer their… Read More

Has Our Competition Been Feeding You Lies? Get The Skinny on Bravo

In this infographic, we debunk the myths that our competition spreads and provide the real, truthful facts of Bravo. Infographic: Bravo Myths Debunked… Read More

Bravo is the Fastest Growing Pawn Broker Systems Provider | Buya Breaks Daily Sales at $12,346.00

Not only did Buya – an online marketplace that Pawn Shop owners can post their inventory from Bravo to-  break daily sales at $12,346 but also in the last 7 days, it has surpassed last year’s sales by over 800%. Bravo is nearing over 120,000… Read More