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A Complete List of February 2015 Product Updates

We’re heading into the last month of the quarter and we’ve been busy creating new features to help you get the most out of your pawn software. March into March with these new features! New End of Day… Read More

Solution Center Roundup – February 2015

Mandi here again from Bravo Training. Hard to believe that March is here. It is around this time that people settle into their routines and often lose site of the new resolutions they set at the beginning of the year. Read More

Pawn – Mobile – Bravo – Coming soon…

Bravo started development this week on one of its most exciting new platform products, Bravo Mobile. Bravo Platform extends its iPaas (Integration Platform as a Service) to its Bravo Users – B2B – with roll-out to commence in… Read More

Solution Center Roundup – January 2015

Mandi here! This is my very first blog post. Woo hoo! I head up the training department and you can find me leading webinars, hosting trainings at Bravo HQ, traveling to onsite trainings, writing Solution Center articles, and now… BLOGGING!… Read More

2015 Bravo Pawn Systems

Bravo has grown from a well-kept secret to an industry trend.  Our continued innovations pay dividends in the form of exponential business growth, competitive edge and previously unfathomed revenues for our users. Many of you were hesitant to join the… Read More

A Complete List of January 2015 Product Updates

2015 is off to a start and that means we’re bringing you new features, product enhancements, and upgrades. This month’s release includes: Store Short Name – An optional short name may be up to 7 characters long. This… Read More

2014 Pre Black Friday Report on eCommerce and Pawn Shops

The web again is growing at a viral rate of growth and continues to grab the gross wallet share of consumer spending. Count on your stores to continue being under siege. “Last year to date announced by Channel Advisors” –… Read More

CAPA Convention Recap

It was nearly 30 years ago as President of the Nevada Pawnbroker Association that I attended my first California convention.  CAPA was formerly known as the CLSDA.  Back in those days there was a new generation of pawnbrokers shaking the… Read More

A Complete List of November 2014 Product Updates

This month’s November 2 release includes dozens of new features, feature enhancements, and other changes including: Work Orders and Repairs – Sales associates can now generate work orders quickly to execute all of your repair and alteration procedures… Read More

A Complete List of October 2014 Product Updates

This month’s October 8 release included 10 major product releases and 7 other changes including: Layaway History Report – Run your layaway history report from the Layaway Management screen and also from the Layaway detail in the Transaction… Read More

How to run a successful pawnshop

Do you need customers? How important is the customer? Do you know how much they are worth? How much does it cost to acquire them? For example: Let’s just look at Yellow Pages. Other costs have to be… Read More

California Pawn Convention – That’s a wrap

Thank you! To everybody that stopped by our booth. That talked to Steve or me. That sat down for a demonstration. It was truly a pleasure to meet you all.  And of course, a special shout out to our customers… Read More

Mobile Pawn – Pawn customers can now view their loans on their cell phone

Next week Bravo launches this exclusive service to all of our customers.   With the advancement in mobile… Read More