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Categories are Important – Here’s Why

There’s lots of reasons for categorizing items, and in today’s Internet of Things, the importance continues to grow. As collections of information have grown, it has become imperative to figure out how to improve information finding. Most pawn software systems… Read More

Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Wrap Up the Holiday Season

It’s proven to be true thus far – Mobile continues to be the marketing hero of the holiday buying season in 2017. Consumers are now using their smartphones to do preliminary research on products and pricing, as well as making… Read More

Speed Up Your Loan Line – Reloaning on a Whole Ticket

Sometimes, instead of wanting to reloan on one item from a prior multi-item ticket, a customer will want to reloan all items from a previous ticket. On September 29, 2017, Bravo launched Reloan on a Whole Ticket which enables you to… Read More

New Website Launch – Power to the Pawnbroker

We’ve been jumping for joy for December 15, 2017. Bravo is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Our vision is to create a resource center for pawnbrokers to visit, learn, share, and grow – not just for… Read More

Bravo’s Highest Requested Feature – Multi-Item Layaway – Is Here

Just in time for the holiday season, Bravo announces the release of 2017’s most highly requested new feature – Multi-Item Layaways. Nobody understands multi-tasking like a pawnbroker, and no software understands the importance of creating efficiency like Bravo. In 2.4.5,… Read More

A New Way to Collect Customer Feedback – Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Richard Branson posted a quote yesterday on Instagram, “Whenever I’m faced with a problem, I try to reframe it as an opportunity.” ‘Aint that the truth? Bravo is pawn software developed by pawnbrokers for pawnbrokers. That means that pawnbroker… Read More

Increase Sales with Bravo’s “Combine” Functionality

On December 8, 2017, Bravo added the ability for pawnbrokers to Combine items. This new feature allows a pawnshop to bundle multiple items together an track them with a single inventory number. For example, pawnshops find that they are able to… Read More

Wal-Mart Changes Its Name. What Does that Mean for Pawnbrokers?

Did you hear? On December 11, 2017, Walmart officially dropped “stores” from its legal name. It’s an interesting twist in a year in which omni-channel retailers learned to love the physical as well as the digital again. Competing with… Read More

New Report Alert – Layaway Journal Report

Are you a pawnbroker who relies on layaways to drive your retail sales? Are you interested in reviewing all transactions related to a single layaway? Bravo delivered a new report – the Layaway Journal Report – in September, and it is already… Read More

New Report Available – Cost Adjustment Report

Did you know that U.S. retail workers are number one in employee theft? That shrinkage of missing goods is made up of shoplifting and other causes. Pawn employees are no exception, and are sometimes particularly sophisticated in how they… Read More

Require Employees to Take Pictures of Items on Loan, Buy, Consignment, and Trade

Does your police department require you to capture images of items on loan, buy, consignment, and trade? As an pawnshop owner or operator, do you want to require your employees to take pictures of items as they come across the… Read More

Did You Know? Bravo Supports Custom Regulatory Fees

Another feature developed based on Customer Suggestions, Bravo now supports Custom Regulatory Fee Names. This enhancement allows for greater regulatory flexibility and more transparency for your pawnshop customers. You can rename the following regulatory fees, allowing your receipt printouts to reflect… Read More

82% of Businesses Use Email Marketing Technology to Reach Customers. Do You?

Bravo pushes forward with more tools to help pawnbrokers compete with Walmart, Amazon, and the other big boys. Did you know: 70% of businesses were currently using a marketing automation platform or were implementing one. – Aberdeen 53% of marketers… Read More