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[Bravo Newsletter June 29] Prepare for the 4th of July

Attention Bravo & CompuPawn users: We’ve extended the RSVP deadline for the 3rd Annual Bravo User Group to the end of this week. We’d love to see you all there! Please reserve your spot by this Friday, July 1st:… Read More

Attention Bravo & CompuPawn users:

We’ve extended the RSVP deadline for the 3rd Annual Bravo User Group to the end of this week. We’d love to see you all there! Please reserve your spot by this Friday, July 1st:

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Getting Started on Youtube

Facebook timelines are infiltrated with short videos and they aren’t just funny cat videos or silly gifs. Businesses are finally jumping on the video marketing train. As with all marketing, it’s about being where your customers are – and right now, customers are watching videos online.

From small mom & pop pawn shops to enterprise corporations, there are huge advantages to dedicating time and effort into creating a video marketing strategy. Youtube makes it super easy to upload videos and instantly share to your online followers.

Here are some tips to get you started with your Youtube channel:

1) Upload Channel Icon & Art 

Branding is important throughout all of your social media channels. Update your Channel Icon to be your company’s logo (this icon is tied to your Google Plus account too) and create a banner to upload for your channel art. You can update the channel art as much as you’d like so you can use it to promote sales or direct viewers to your website.

2) Featured Content

Just like the ability to pin posts on Facebook or Twitter, you can choose certain videos to have prominence on your channel for either returning subscribers or new visitors. Place your most useful, important, and impactful videos there, but be sure to switch up the featured content for returning subscribers to keep it fresh.

3) Video Thumbnails

youtube_thumbnail_options.pngWhen you upload a video to Youtube, it will automatically generate 3 thumbnails for you to choose from which is what will display next to your video. However, these can be unflattering stills or images that don’t capture the essence of your video. You can upload custom thumbnails, as long as your account is in good standing, so create an image with the video title, your company logo, and a still that captures the message of the video.

4) Keep Account in Good Standing

If you abuse Youtube’s guidelines, you can lose good standing of your account – and consequently, a lot of functionality. Do not upload any unauthorized or unoriginal content as that is the easiest way to get in bad standing or even lose your account altogether.

5) View Analytics

Yes, even Youtube has analytics. You can see the traffic to your Youtube channel and see what videos are performing best to help you hone in on the best converting content.

6) Connect and Share to Social Media

Make sure all of your social media is integrated. Whether you set up to automatically post videos from Youtube onto your other social media platforms, or manually post them, be sure to share for all your audiences to see.

7) Live Streaming

One of the newer facets of video marketing is live streaming – and has definitely picked up storm with Periscope and Facebook Live videos (and of course, Youtube too). Bust out your cell phone and live stream your Sidewalk Sale or stream your presentation to the Employee of the Month. Humanize your brand and entice them to want to come witness your store in person!

8) Start Filming

It may seem daunting or overwhelming, especially if you have never filmed before – but as they say, practice makes perfect. Even if you start by shooting from your cell phone and use the basic editing tools in Youtube, establishing a video presence is becoming more and more important.

Check out Ideal Luxury’s Youtube Channel if you need some inspiration on how to get started creating useful videos that appeal to pawn clientele. They do a great job of providing a mix of videos – from customer testimonials to product information.

Ready. Set. Action!
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