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Bravo Store Spotlight: TNT Pawn & Jewelry

  About TNT Pawn & Jewelry TNT Pawn is Arizona’s new one-stop shop to buy, sell, loan or trade quickly and conveniently. They believe in earning customer’s respect, trust, and loyalty. Their spacious store in… Read More

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About TNT Pawn & Jewelry

TNT Pawn is Arizona’s new one-stop shop to buy, sell, loan or trade quickly and conveniently. They believe in earning customer’s respect, trust, and loyalty. Their spacious store in central Phoenix is bright, clean, and stocked with a large inventory of desirable items in great condition. Taking pride in respecting customer belongings and their business, TNT Pawn offers helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service to keep customers coming back for more.

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Social Media

For TNT Pawn, social media has been a great platform to grow their customer base and awareness for their startup shop out of Phoenix. The main reason it has been so helpful is because of the geo-targeting advertising available on social media (particularly Facebook), where they were able to focus their online synergy to the immediate proximity of their pawn shop.

Through Bravo and their Company Branded Store (ShopDot), its been easy and seamless to post their inventory across their Facebook and Twitter feeds. They’ve also emphasized cross promotion of their Company Branded Store in social media posts and profile descriptions by linking and using calls to action directing their audience to shop online.

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SMS Text Messaging

TNT Pawn likes to use various Bravo features in conjunction with one another to implement their marketing campaigns. For instance, they use the SMS Text Messaging feature a ton and will pair up a SMS campaign with actions to follow them on social media, while also reminding them to shop their online store.

In order to have a successful SMS campaign, it is important to make sure all the phone numbers are accurate and up to date with permission to receive text messages. With a database of active customers to send texts to, you can really use the SMS feature to drive sales and hit last minute revenue goals. Coming up on a weekend and short $4,000? TNT Pawn ran a SMS campaign to get people in by simply offering a free dvd and ended up not only hitting $4,000, but exceeding it!


eCommerce Tactics

Since day one, TNT Pawn knew the importance of delivering great customer service, even with online sales, and how eCommerce can grow their business and increase their bottom line. Not only do they respond very quickly to web offers, but they also make sure the items are clean, packaged well, and shipped rapidly to online customers.

On top of that, they also insert Thank You cards and coupons into the packaging for online purchases. With every coupon, they place a call to action to incentivize the online shopper to return and make additional purchases within the next 10-30 days. They do this with discounts and creating a sense of urgency, then tracking the response in Bravo so they can continue to refine their marketing campaigns and create more repeat customers.

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Company Branded Website

With the integration between their Company Branded Store and Bravo, TNT Pawn can see their online sales really beginning to take shape. They have the flexibility to highlight and showcase different items and reach a broader marketplace by offering their in-store inventory online simultaneously.

Click here to view TNT Pawn’s Company Branded Store.

A strategy they are planning on implementing in full swing real soon, is offering free shipping which resonates highly with online customers. With Bravo, they can slightly inflate the price of the item online to compensate for the free shipping and to still keep a decent margin on the item. Overall, TNT Pawn sees a better margin online, so regardless, they have enough gross profit to absorb any shipping issues.

They recommend finding the cheapest and most reliable shipping carrier available to you to help keep costs low. Also, utilize the “In-Store Pickup Only” option for inventory that you deem is unshippable – too exorbitant of a cost to ship, a very large item or easily damageable/fragile.

Just like in-store, you should go in and do some broad discounting online, especially for aged inventory. Run and advertise a deal of the week/month across social media with a great discount. Even if the item sells before the ad/promotion expires, keep it running to elicit more buzz and excitement but just direct them to your other inventory on sale if they inquire.


Learn more about TNT Pawn by visiting their website, Buya store profile, company branded store, Facebook, and Twitter.