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[Bravo 3.0 Webinar] Sign Up to Learn About a Major Upgrade to World’s Best Pawn Platform

New Bravo product enhancements are coming your way! This release is so significant, we had to assign Bravo Platform a whole new version. Time: Join us on Thursday, June 10 at 11 AM PST as we introduce Bravo 3.0 to… Read More

Prestige Pawn Brokers Testimonial Video

Check out this short video where the Financial Director of Prestige Pawn Brokers, Hugh Watchorn, explains how the Bravo Pawn Platform was able to meet all of his reporting needs in the United Kingdom pawn market!    … Read More

How to Leverage Bravo to Stand Out in the Pawn Industry

Are you a pawnbroker that is ready to take your business to the next level?  At Bravo, we are dedicated to the pawn industry and love sharing new tips & tricks on how to amplify businesses while improving customer retention!… Read More

Webinar: The Impacts of New Legislation

Pawnbrokers, industry consultants, association leaders, and pawn software vendors, this webinar is for you! There’s new legislation in the works that will significantly and adversely impact the financial wellbeing of pawnshops if it passes. Read More

[Webinar] 2021 Industry Kickoff and Award Show

Check out our latest webinar! We were excited to invite everyone to join us and reflect on 2020 and use what we learned to forge a new path for success. Here’s what you can expect from this action-packed webinar: Prizes… Read More

The Bravo Manifesto: A Letter from the CEO

Our Mission: To be the catalyst for advancement for the industries we serve.  What does it take to advance?  Mere dependence on a belief that any movement is progress?  Sheer optimism built… Read More

How to Use Glassdoor to Standout to Candidates

2020 brought profound changes to people’s work lives. For many, their work lives have been upended or significantly changed. This has led to a substantial decline in workforce participation, specifically by parents with children under 18.  … Read More

[Webinar] Put Bravo in the Hot Seat!

Join us for our last webinar of 2020. Since it is the end of the year, we thought it would be a good time for customers and noncustomers to put our staff at Bravo in the “hot seat” and grill… Read More

Bravo Systems Announces Partnership With Non-Profit Organization, C4 Foundation

We are excited to announce our new partnership with the C4 Foundation! They are a non-profit organization that provides support and resources through science-based programs to active-duty Navy SEALs and their families. See the full write up on… Read More

Bravo Systems Delivers 4473 Software And Point-of-Sale Software For Firearms & Pawn Industries

We were so thankful to for asking us to feature in a recent interview! We had a blast talking about the many features of E4473 and how it works with Bravo!   Click here to read… Read More

E4473 Launches: Firearms Dealers Have a Safer, Faster, Easier Way to Complete Form 4473 with 100% ATF Compliance Guarantee

Check out the latest write up by Marketwatch about the E4473 launch! You will learn about the many benefits and highlights of E4473 and find out a bit more about how it will impact the firearm industry. Read More

[Webinar] Ask the Experts About Bravo!

The easiest way to get information about Bravo is to hear from this team of experts! Consider this panel a collection of your peers—as they have also interacted with the Bravo Pawn Platform or recently switched to add Bravo to their tech stack. Read More

What is SaaS – Will it Take Your Pawn Shop to the Next Level?

Let’s face it, with acronyms galore in the Technology industry, it’s sometimes hard to keep them all straight. One term that has emerged in the past decade and is talked about prevalently is SaaS– but what exactly does it mean?… Read More