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Introducing… Bravo 3.0! How Small Changes Can Make a BIG IMPACT

More than a decade ago, we envisioned building something special for pawnbrokers – the first cloud platform that would deliver the most relevant features quickly, efficiently, and beautifully designed. Today, we are proud to be serving over 1,300… Read More

[Bravo 3.0 Webinar] Sign Up to Learn About a Major Upgrade to World’s Best Pawn Platform

New Bravo product enhancements are coming your way! This release is so significant, we had to assign Bravo Platform a whole new version. Time: Join us on Thursday, June 10 at 11 AM PST as we introduce Bravo 3.0 to… Read More

[Webinar] Put Bravo in the Hot Seat!

Join us for our last webinar of 2020. Since it is the end of the year, we thought it would be a good time for customers and noncustomers to put our staff at Bravo in the “hot seat” and grill… Read More

[Webinar] Ask the Experts About Bravo!

The easiest way to get information about Bravo is to hear from this team of experts! Consider this panel a collection of your peers—as they have also interacted with the Bravo Pawn Platform or recently switched to add Bravo to their tech stack. Read More

[Webinar] Bravo & BLUEDOG Present: The 411 on Credit Card Processing & Our Partnership

Check out our webinar featuring Ron E Dichter, the President & CEO of BLUEDOG. Take a listen to learn about the partnership between Bravo Pawn Platform and BLUEDOG. This webinar will help you get a better… Read More

[Webinar] Bravo & MARQUE Present: Buy, Sell & Loan on Luxury Handbags with Confidence

We are excited to announce our partnership with MARQUE! Welcome, Deanna Thompson and Quentin Caruana to this webinar that will discuss luxury handbags and explain how our partnership with MARQUE will empower pawnshops to buy, sell,… Read More

[Webinar] Everything You Need to Know About!

Does your pawnshop sell firearms? This webinar may be perfect for you! We put together this short video to introduce and provide a short overview of the many benefits of the site. Watch the full clip to learn… Read More

The Most Common Mistakes Pawnbrokers Make When Valuing Louis Vuitton Products

As a pawnbroker, you see hundreds of items passed over the counter every week. Anything from knock-off Rolex’s to high-quality Louis Vuitton bags. For obvious reasons, it’s important to value these as accurately as possible. Valuing these incorrectly, especially overvaluing… Read More

Buyer’s Guide to the iPhone X

Getting smart about smartphones –  It’s in your pocket. It’s in your hand. And increasingly, it’s in your display case. The iPhone X is the 200th most popular item coming in and going out of pawnshops as of March 2019. Read More

Shop Here & There & Everywhere!

As online shopping becomes the new normal so does the expectation of instant gratification. Consumers no longer want to wait until they are home from work to online shop, they want to online shop on the bus on their way… Read More

Let’s chat! Bravo brings the power of mobile messaging to pawnshops.

Just like you talk to friends through text or on Facebook Messenger, now you and your employees will be able to chat with your customers via the Bravo Shopkeeper app. This new feature is easily accessible, simple to… Read More

Initiate a loan from home? Yes, please!

You’re on your couch. You’ve got your phone. There was a time when the most exciting thing you could do in this scenario was have a pizza delivered. That’s no longer the case. There’s an app for just about everything,… Read More

What’s the deal with Bravo Academy?

What’s this Bravo Academy all About? An Insider Look. Whether you’re a new or seasoned Bravo customer, you’ve probably heard about the many support features Bravo has to offer to help you become an expert Bravo user. But where… Read More