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Let’s chat! Bravo brings the power of mobile messaging to pawnshops.

Just like you talk to friends through text or on Facebook Messenger, now you and your employees will be able to chat with your customers via the Bravo Shopkeeper app. This new feature is easily accessible, simple to… Read More

Initiate a loan from home? Yes, please!

You’re on your couch. You’ve got your phone. There was a time when the most exciting thing you could do in this scenario was have a pizza delivered. That’s no longer the case. There’s an app for just about everything,… Read More

Drive Employee Engagement with the Only Mobile App for Pawnshops

“If a company isn’t deploying mobile apps, it is at a competitive disadvantage.“ Our prediction for 2018 – More MOBILE. Don’t be a pawnbroker who buries your head in the sand, is swayed by fear tactics, and may… Read More

Customer Suggestions Lead the Way in 2018

Bravo is known in the pawn industry for its innovation and leading technology. Our founder, Steve Mack, speaks at the pawn conventions about industry trends, remaining relevant, and how to stay competitive. Other pawn software companies look to our features… Read More

Wal-Mart Changes Its Name. What Does that Mean for Pawnbrokers?

Did you hear? On December 11, 2017, Walmart officially dropped “stores” from its legal name. It’s an interesting twist in a year in which omni-channel retailers learned to love the physical as well as the digital again. Competing with… Read More

Exciting Times at Bravo Pawn Systems

I’m sure you’ve seen recent news about Pawn America, a chain of two dozen pawn shops, filing for Chapter 11 due to challenging retail times.  And maybe you’ve seen the results from NPA’s 2016 Trend Survey showing 47… Read More

Managing Your Payroll : The How & Why

Recently, we had a webinar about the new laws affecting small businesses in 2017 to help educate pawnbrokers on how to protect themselves from litigation and spread awareness about the employment laws impacting them. One such area involves managing… Read More

Retail Purchase Orders Coming Soon…

We turn your customer feedback into a powerful reality. In one week, Bravo launches dozens of new features including two new products, purchase orders and email notifications. Purchase Orders… Read More

Taking Your Digital Strategy Up a Notch

If you’re a pawnbroker, you spend your day trying to drive new traffic into your store, while bringing in existing customers to buy more, while also encouraging customers to come make loan and layaway payments. The more efficient… Read More

First Customer Suggestions Meeting of 2017 Kicks Off Strong

We wrapped up our first customer suggestion meeting of 2017 last week. These meetings include the department heads of development, sales, customer service, and technical support. Your suggestions and feedback are so important because it provides us with… Read More

Let’s set the record straight – Bravo’s Cloud versus PawnMaster’s Cloud

It has been a while since I last blogged, but I’m back. Our company now comprises of the largest and most experienced development team dedicated to pawn. We’ve been blogging about the Cloud since 2010 (click here). But now… Read More

Exclusive Features for Bravo Customers

Bravo’s mission is to provide our customers with the most powerful and relevant tools. Here’s the short-list of Bravo features and benefits that you won’t find elsewhere. Hardware A lot less hardware. Save from $5 to $15K per store in… Read More

Is Bravo compliant with the new Military Lending Act requirements?

Military Lending Act – effective October 2016 – Notice to Pawnbrokers On February 16, I sat in a phone conference with some of the biggest financial lending institutions and the Department of Defense (DOD). There is a lot… Read More