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What is the Top Site to Sell Online for Pawn Shops?

This guest post was provided by Tom, one of Bravo’s very own Support Gurus. What is the only pawn shop powered marketplace on the internet? If you guessed Buya.com – you are correct! As a… Read More

Ebay Cost Activity

We work with lots of pawnbrokers and the vast majority of them, after analyzing their cost activity, are actually losing money. So what is cost activity? Activity-based costing is a costing methodology that identifies activities and assigns the cost of… Read More

IPhones and Pawn, the Pros and Cons

This guest post was provided by Stevo, one of Bravo’s very own Support Gurus. Image From: imore.com Way back in January of 2007, Steve Jobs, the Founder and CEO of Apple, unveiled a new piece… Read More

Options for Conducting Transactions in Bravo

Do you feel like transactions are taking too long? Are you new to Bravo and would like a faster way to take in item until you are completely ramped up on using the system? If you answered yes, this one… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter] Master eCommerce from your own Mobile Device!

Here’s your weekly scoop into all things pawn to help you get your month started off right!… Read More

[Bravo Newsletter] Start October Off on the Right Foot!

 Here’s your weekly scoop into all things pawn to help you get your month started off right! … Read More

[Webinar] Helping PawnShops Prepare for the Holiday Season with Steve Mack

Recently, Bravo Pawn Systems hosted a webinar where our Founder and CEO Steve Mack shared his insights on a variety of issues currently affecting the pawn industry. Topics covered are: The upcoming holiday season and how to prepare for success. Read More

Prepare for Fall By Increasing Your Bravo Knowledge

WHERE DID THE YEAR GO?  I have uttered these words so often in the past few months. Yet, with the most festive and busy season ahead of us, we have lots to look forward to. Read More

Emergency Planning Part 1: Being Prepared Could Save Your Business

Original post featured in the National Pawnbrokers Association Summer 2015 issue. A natural disaster can strike no matter where you live in the U.S. You have hurricanes on the east coast, earthquakes on the west coast, and… Read More

The Sam’s Locker View on an Efficient eCommerce Process

Original post featured on Sam’s Locker’s website here. Sam’s Locker is a pawn shop located in Boise, ID, with a core belief to do right by others, even within every transaction. We at Sam’s Locker would like… Read More

An EyesOn View: Tony Gallo’s Perspective of the Bravo EyesOn Integration

A few months ago, Bravo announced the launch of the EyesOn integration, allowing Bravo users to achieve peace-of-mind and keep an eye on their business in real time. With this integration, EyesOn will operate within the Bravo POS… Read More

The 2 Things To Look For When Taking in Golf Clubs

Original post written by  PawnGuru Co-Founder David and featured on PawnGuru.com – where consumers can get multiple offers for their items from local pawn shops. There are many sports that are affordable… Read More

The Ultimate Pawnbroker Buyer’s Guide for Televisions

Welcome to your trusty buyer’s guide for televisions – teaching you what to look for when taking a television in and how to price it accordingly. Over the past few decades, television sets have become a prominent part of… Read More