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The Bravo Manifesto: A Letter from the CEO

Our Mission: To be the catalyst for advancement for the industries we serve.  What does it take to advance?  Mere dependence on a belief that any movement is progress?  Sheer optimism built… Read More

E4473 is Here! Everything You Need to Comply with the 2020 ATF Requirements

See why FFLs are choosing E4473. In this webinar recording, we cover: 1. Benefits of using E4473 instead of manual processes 2. How E4473 stacks up against other 4473 solutions on the market 3. A deep dive into the… Read More

Bravo Systems Delivers 4473 Software And Point-of-Sale Software For Firearms & Pawn Industries

We were so thankful to for asking us to feature in a recent interview! We had a blast talking about the many features of E4473 and how it works with Bravo!   Click here to read… Read More