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Bravo Pawn Systems Gives Back to Local Community

On Monday September 28, 2015, employees from Bravo Pawn Systems volunteered their time at Three Square Las Vegas, a food bank that helps provide food assistance to local residents. Three Square’s mission is to strive for a… Read More

Buya.com Has Yet Another Record Breaking Sales Day and Merchants are Making Bank

View the press release on PRweb by clicking here. On Thursday, August 27th, Buya.com and Bravo eCommerce had yet another record breaking sales day with over 140 transactions done in a single day – the highest… Read More

Bravo eCommerce Breaks All Time Sales Record for Single Day at $29,070.20

On Monday, August 4, Bravo eCommerce had its biggest day with 529,260 advertisement impressions, 7,337 new customers, 18,002 page views, and closed at $29,070.20 in sales. For most retailers, their biggest sales spike occurs around the holidays, but for Bravo… Read More

Slashing Away at Prices With Our New Feature

Every 4 to 6 weeks, Bravo Pawn Systems comes out with a new release that updates our software to provide the latest and greatest tools for our users. In the release that occurred on May 26, 2015, we announced a new… Read More

Bravo Pawn Systems Releases Statistical Findings that Bravo eCommerce Channels Leads to 9% Gain in Gross Margin

We have released statistics that illustrate the opportunity to realize higher gross margins on sales when users utilize the three eCommerce integrations. These integrations, eBay, Buya, and Shop Dot, empower Bravo users to post their inventory online… Read More