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Hailed as a New Customer Favorite – Expired Transactions

Our August release was dedicated exclusively to Customer Suggestions. August 25 became another happy day for Bravo customers as we released Expired Transactions. This Bravo User Interface enhancement allows customers to view expired loans and buys, expired and canceled layaways,… Read More

Bulk Sales for Pawnbrokers – Available Now

In May 2017, we launched a feature for pawnbrokers who sell items in bulk. Bravo’s Bulk Sale feature allows you to quickly add multiple retail items to a sales transaction and set an overall price for all items in a… Read More

25 New Bravo Features of 2017 – Products and Purchase Orders

We are proud to help pawnbrokers compete with the biggest retailers in the world (hello, Amazon and Walmart). Where other pawn software makes you wait a year or longer for something new, we release features every 6 weeks. First up… Read More

Bravo Pawn Systems founder Steve Mack to host webinar “Looking for a More Profitable Future” Thursday, November 16 at 10am PST / 1pm EST

With Pawnbrokers reporting decreasing retail sales as online competition grows, how will your store grow revenue and survive? Today’s customers demand convenience in this New World of Online Shopping, eCommerce and Mobile. Read More

Outdated and Legacy Pawn Software – Is your software vendor at “End of Life”

“End of Life” is the reality for 95% of the Pawn Software vendors. Technology is moving so fast that even technology from 10 years ago is no longer relevant. Software and technology companies saw this obsolescence many years ago. The reality… Read More

Geofencing to drive in-store and online sales in pawnshops

As eCommerce continues to transform the retail, operators are increasingly turning to technology to help drive new sales and customer retention. Pawn operators are selling online and looking for additional ways to drive traffic. Have you heard of geofencing?  Geofencing… Read More

Are You Looking for a More Profitable Future? Bravo has the answers!

The Bravo team just returned from another successful NPA convention and we heard the same question over and over from pawnbrokers, “How can I be more profitable in this New World of Online Shopping, eCommerce and Mobile?”  With Pawnbrokers reporting… Read More

Bravo Leads the Way! Another round of new features, functionality, and tools to help you succeed hits Bravo stores tomorrow.

Bulk Sales – This new feature allows you to quickly add multiple sale items to a transaction and set an overall price for all sale items in a transaction, to be split up among the items proportionally. The Bulk Sale… Read More

MobilePawn 3 C’s

MobilePawn has the pawn industry talking, and I’m speaking with pawnbrokers daily about why it matters. And trust me, it does. With all the recent news about dozens and dozens of retail stores closing or filing… Read More

Bravo Makes You Money

We’re thrilled to report our April eCommerce and MobilePawn numbers. Bravo puts MORE money in your pocket than any other system out there. Period. Period: April 1 – 30, 2017… Read More

Questions (and Answers) about MobilePawn

GENERAL THOUGHTS ON WHY THIS APP. IS SO IMPORTANT TO THE INDUSTRY.  Mobile has opened the door to all financial institutions (ie: mobile banking and mobile apps for Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.). Pawn customers are equally as deserving of these… Read More

What is the Best Pawn Software? Bravo is the Name, MobilePawn is the Game.

Pawn shows and awareness around the industry has glorified collateralized loans and how much money can be made. It seemed everybody wanted to open a pawn shop or for those already in the business, they wanted to expand.  Fast forward… Read More

Let’s Set the Record Straight – Top 3 False Statements Made by PawnMaster

As CEO of Bravo Store Systems, I’m a firm believer that healthy competition drives innovation. In fact, Bravo’s competition with other systems has motivated us to become the fastest growing and most innovative pawnbroker platform in the industry.  However, just… Read More