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Boaz Gun and Pawn

Boaz, Alabama


About this pawnshop

New to the pawn industry, Medenna Green from Boaz Gun and Pawn knew they had to find the best pawn software for their store. Boaz Gun and Pawn is proudly one of Alabama’s few women-owned pawn shops. The store buys, sells, and trades in gold, jewelry, guns, and knives. They are proud of the unique items for sale and love being a different kind of pawnshop. Boaz Gun and Pawn’s impressive 5-stars on Facebook is attributed to their “great folks that treat you right all the time,” “wide range of items,” and “fair pricing.”

Choosing Bravo

Boaz Gun and Pawn was interested in the best software and an account manager who was professional and knowledgeable to work with. “I researched both Bravo and PawnMaster. Bravo was everything that PawnMaster wasn’t. The Bravo Team and especially my account manager was helpful, humble, and happy to talk to me. If we need anything, Bravo takes care of us.”

Bravo’s Features Sealed the Deal

Boaz Gun and Pawn needed a software that would not only help them manage the day-to-day operations, but also offer real time guidance of an items worth in a snap shot. “I like Bravo because of the estimator tool. It’s easy to price items and see what other pawnshops are selling items for.” As selling online becomes more and more important in retail, Boaz loves that “Bravo makes it easy to post on eBay and Buya.”

One Last Thing on Support

“The Bravo Customer Service has been great! They handle problems quickly.”