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Gold Rush Pawn Co.

Kalispell, Montana

Software | Mobile | eCommerce

About this pawnshop

Gold Rush Pawn opened their doors in 1980 and are the oldest locally owned and operated pawn shop in the Flathead Valley. The Gold Rush team is more of a family and a company and the customers are friends as well as clients. Gold Rush Pawn is proud of their reputation of giving a fair amount on the item a customer brings in and their spectacular Facebook reviews are a testament to their customer service.

Favorite Feature

Bravo was developed by pawnbrokers for pawnbrokers. The software has the bells and whistles, but does the basics better than any other platform. Rob’s favorite Bravo feature is researching the cost for a given item. Plus, he loves “clicking the button that makes an item go straight to eBay. Expiring pawns are easy to price and listing on Buya and eBay is quick and easy.” Having been on Bravo for many years, Gold Rush has continued to explore Bravo’s new features. “We love the new MobilePawn app too.”

Learning a New System

The simple fact is, we all have ingrained habits. Learning new ones while unlearning old habits can take some time, but Bravo was designed to be intuitive. Rob agrees, “Bravo is so easy to learn. Training is easy and simple.” Bravo practically drives itself!

Bravo Customer Support

Gold Rush Pawn utilizes Bravo’s free live customer support as well as help tickets. “Whenever I have an urgent issue, Bravo’s support always gets back to me quickly. When I submit a help ticket, Bravo responds quickly.”