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Greenmount Loan & Jewelry

Baltimore, Maryland


Established in 1987, Greenmount Loan & Jewelry Co. developed a business philosophy that has made them #1 in the hearts and minds of their loyal customers. They employ a competent, knowledgeable staff that. They strive to exceed expectations and overwhelm their customers with kindness, devotion, and respect. They carry thousands of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, neck chains, and watches. Their jewelry repair department is second to none with a “Master Jeweler” that can fix a broken piece of jewelry or custom design a special piece. Greenmount Loan & Jewelry Co. doesn’t just make a sale–they make a customer for life.

Discovering Bravo

Pat Abling of Greenmount Loan & Jewelry moved to Bravo when his old pawn software was acquired by the company, and he has been pleasantly surprised by the improvements he’s seen. “Bravo is more user-friendly than what I had before. We pick it up quick because things are where they are expected to be. Training new employees will be easier than before.” He adds, “I really like Bravo.”

Customer Service

No other software can compete with our world-class customer support. “Customer service is great. I like being able to start a case online. It’s convenient. If the issue is urgent, you always handle it right away. The attention I get is great and always quick. I really like that Bravo listens to suggestions.”

Favorite Bravo Feature

With 36 standard reports, you’d think you wouldn’t need to look at data any other way, but sometimes you do. That’s why we included ad hoc reporting so you can pull information exactly how you want to see it. Abling uses this feature frequently. “I really like the ad hoc reporting. If somebody bought something 6 months ago it easy to find it in the item history. I can see if it was pawned or is on layaway. I like to look back and see what the item did.”