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Ketchum Pawn

Ketchum, Idaho


Ketchum Pawn buys all different kinds of items that have value. If they can sell it, they’ll buy it including musical instruments, jewelry, coins, sporting goods and estate and business items. They also sell on eBay and other websites to reach a national audience.

Choosing Bravo

Sometimes people simply discover Bravo by searching on Google. Phil Doerflein at Ketchum Pawn did just that and has never looked back. He says, “We opened 6 years ago and we’ve never had to think about our POS system. I don’t have to worry about it. It keeps track of things and has been flawless. It has been amazing. If you don’t want to think about your POS system, use Bravo. If you want problems, buy something else.”

Favorite Bravo Features

“I like the customer profile feature. I like to pull a customer up and see where they rank and see how much my store has made off them. I can make better decisions and take care of my customers that way.” There are other behind-the-scenes advantages to Bravo. “What I like about Bravo is everything is on the cloud. I like being online. We will never go back to a non-web-based system.” Being a web-based software means you are always connected–anytime, anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Doerflein adds, “I also appreciate that Bravo CEO, Steve Mack, was a pawnshop owner. He knows what he’s doing. Keep up the ideas and changes Bravo!”