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Lambert Pawn Shop

Whittier, California

Software | Mobile

Lambert Pawn is a full-service pawn shop dedicated to helping customers with all their money needs in a fast and courteous manner. With over 25 years combined experience as pawnbrokers, they have the flexibility to lend you the maximum dollar amount possible on almost anything of value. They loan, buy, sell, and trade on items including, but not limited to: gold jewelry, platinum, silver, diamonds, precious stones, electronics, guns and musical instruments, as well as tools.

Choosing Bravo

Jesse Farmerie of Lambert Pawn Shop made the switch from another pawn software to Bravo and has been happy with the results. “The workflow I had in the past was clunky. Bravo has a smooth workflow and the transactions are easy. I like being able to do a pawn, a sale, and a layaway all in one transaction. It is more customer based compared to what I had before.”

Training New Employees

“The Bravo dashboard is straightforward. I set my new employees up and let them go.” And that’s exactly what we want, to make it as easy to dive in as possible. Farmerie hasn’t had any issues either. “As a new user, I can easily understand it.”

Customer Service

We don’t want you to have to wait to get the answers you need, so we pride ourselves on our customer service. Farmerie says, “Customer service is always good. If I have an issue, Bravo handles it quick, and if it can’t be fixed that day, I at least get a call back that same day. Bravo is always happy to help.”

What Makes Bravo Different

“MobilePawn. My customers are impressed with the app and it sets us apart from our competition.” With the ability for customers to shop from home, make payments, and check their balance all on their Smartphone, MobilePawn is revolutionizing the pawn industry. Come try Bravo and take advantage of the first-ever mobile app for your customers!