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Molly’s Pawn & More

Big Pine Key, Florida


Named after John’s dog, Molly’s Pawn & More is located in Florida. Molly’s Pawn & More prides itself as being a store where every customer feels welcome. John is passionate about his customers and wants them to feel at home in his store.

John stumbled across Bravo at the Crossover Expo in 2016. John was extremely frustrated with his pawn software and after speaking with the Bravo team and Bravo customers, knew that Bravo was a better fit for his Big Pine Key business. More than a year after making the change, John says, “Now I’m going in the right direction. Bravo has got something going on!”

Choosing Bravo

Every day Bravo Account Managers speak with pawnshop owners and operators that are ready for change. John made the change after being overpromised and underdelivered. “I couldn’t stand PawnMaster. The service sucked and they sold us things we couldn’t use. They misrepresented themselves and did me many disservices. They kept trying to sell me a bundle of features that I couldn’t use. It made them look bad.” The transition was smooth and training on Bravo was extremely easy. He explains, “Anybody can learn Bravo.”

Speed of Customer Support

Not only does Bravo strive to resolve issues, but the Customer Service team aims to do so quickly. John’s experience has been nothing but positive. “I’ve yet to have a problem with customer service. They always handle the problem within the hour.”