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Pushka Pawnshop

Jamaica, New York


About This Pawnshop Company

After working in a jewelry store for 8 years, David Mordechai established his own shop, “King David Jewelry,” in 1997. As the business thrived, David established another highly successful business: a pawnshop. Pushka Pawnshop handles everything you would expect to find in a well-organized shop. Their professional staff has the knowledge and expertise to provide customers with the best service every time around.

No One Compares to Bravo

Bravo has been in the pawn industry for nearly 30 years, first as pawnbrokers, and then as a pawn software company. We’ve taken all that expertise and poured it into Bravo Pawn Systems, and it shows. Take it from Pushka Pawnshop owner David Mordechai. “I was using CompuPawn until Bravo bought it. I tell all my pawnbroker friends that Bravo is much better than what I had in the past. The other companies don’t work like Bravo.”

Favorite Bravo Feature

With a wide range of reports including employee, store, company and eCommerce reports, our data features will keep you well informed. “Reports and tracking performance makes my life easier,” says Mordechai. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make smart business decisions.

Last Thoughts

How is training on Bravo? “My new employees and I think Bravo is very easy. Within a week you know what you’re doing.”