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Stevenson Drive Pawn Shop

Springfield, Illinois

Software | Mobile | eCommerce

About This Pawnshop

Stevenson Drive Pawn embodies everything a modern day pawnshop should be. If customers need quick cash, want the lowest interest rate on a pawn loan, or want an honest, upfront and clean pawn shop to do business with, then Stevenson Drive Pawn is the place for them.

Favorite Bravo Features

With a suite of features to choose from, it’s often hard to choose one. Mike Stevenson of Stevenson Drive Pawn Shop has several. First, there’s The Estimator that “gives an idea of what other places are selling items for. You just put in the description and it comes right up. It makes it pretty easy to know what its worth. I like that Bravo accurately keeps records.” Other awesome features: “Buya is great! MobilePawn is taking off. My customers are taking care of their own accounts. Overall, good program!”

Training New Employees

Training should be easy and painless. In addition to one-on-one training, we’ve also created a library of online resources that can be accessed anytime. One popular training tool is Bravo Academy, a collection of 15 minute training videos. When asked about training Stevenson says, “Bravo was easy to learn. The tutorials they provide taught me a lot.”

Customer Support

Stevenson sums up our customer service mission in one short line: “They always take care of the problem.”