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TNT Pawn

Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona

Software | Mobile | eCommerce

TNT Pawn offers quick and convenient ways to borrow money, provide affordable luxury items, and uphold the highest standards of superior customer service. Long-time operator Mark Johnson and his team provides great customer service and has a huge variety of items for sale.

Their motto – Better Service, Better Values, Bigger Smiles. Friends You Can Trust.

TNT Pawn

Meet Mark Johnson

Number of stores: 2

Location: Arizona & Nevada

Why Bravo

If you’re going to be a serious pawnbroker you have to be on the Bravo system. There’s nothing that compares.

Choosing Bravo

Mark explains what he was looking for in pawn software, “We wanted to find something that was dynamic, something that would create opportunity for us, something that was scalable as we grew our business, and something that would make doing business very easy. What we discovered is that Bravo checks all those boxes and then some. We wanted things like the connectivity to e-commerce, the ease in which we can post and sell things through Buya, our own Company-Branded website shopping cart, and eBay. Bravo is the leader in the industry. Bar none. There wasn’t anybody that compared in all our research. Bravo is the way we decided to go. If you want to run multiple locations, you have to be on the Bravo system. There’s nothing that compares. Bravo is absolutely the best operating system in the industry.”

Learning a New Pawn Software

Mark started working in the pawn industry in 1996. His experience in using other platform ranges from Prima at SuperPawn to Tops and Cash America. He says, “Bravo is so easy to use. When we opened our first store under Bravo we had tremendous support from the bravo team. We went into the first day without a hitch. My employees were doing sales transactions, loan transactions, redemptions, and layaways. Bravo is so user-friendly and easy to use, we maneuver both our online component, our e-commerce component, and our lending component all seamlessly together.”

Favorite Feature

Bravo’s Mobile Development Team launched the mobile app. for employees in 2015. It’s the first of its kind and gives pawn shop operators the ability to make mobile approvals, quickly look up items, accept web offers, and capture inventory and loan images. “If I had to pick a favorite feature it would be the connectivity it gives me through the Bravo App. on my smart phone to the stores. Whether I’m in the store or out of the store, this app allows me to do a lot of things. I can approve transactions remotely. When I’m in the store, I can move inventory. I can take pictures of my inventory and post those pictures all through my smart phone. If we get a web offer, it will alert me on the phone. And I am connected to the store and what’s going on 24/7. It makes my job easier in a multitude of different ways, predominantly through how transparent it is. When I have questions about my business or if I want to see how my business is doing at the shop level or at the global level, I can do that. I can run basic reporting to see how the store has done daily, weekly, monthly, and year to date.  I can see where we need to improve and where our business is thriving. Even when I’m traveling I can see that because Bravo is cloud-based which means I am connected to Bravo from anywhere.”

Mark is also a fan of the Customer Loyalty Report, “which identifies customers’ performance and who our best performers are. In addition to that we run ad hoc reporting to dig deeper to see the value of the customer, not just what they buy from us retail but their loan performance and how we turn what they sell to us into profit through sales.”

Bravo Customer Support

“What I love about Bravo’s customer service is that you can ask questions and you can work through development processes, and there’s always someone there available to walk you through different learning phases of Bravo.”