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Top Cash Pawn

Plano, Texas

Software | Mobile | eCommerce

At Top Cash Pawn, they use low prices and cash loans to attract customers, but their tasteful, trendy products keep them coming back. Their helpful sales associates are always on hand to point out new arrivals and to find items within any budget. Their pawn loan policies are straightforward and customer-friendly. They’re there to help all customers shop, sell, or pawn.

Choosing Bravo

According to Taylor Packwood of Top Cash Pawn, they made the switch from PawnMaster to Bravo to “catch up with the times.” The Bravo apps and direct access to eBay and other eCommerce outlets just couldn’t be beat. Even eBay has given Bravo accolades for their integration with their system! Because of these tools, Packwood has found Bravo to be the perfect system for millennial employees. “They love it!”


Favorite Bravo Features

Number one is the ease of listing to eBay. “I can add items to eBay with almost 0 mistakes, and if there is one, its human error,” says Packwood. The speed of listing is also a plus. They can add a new item to the inventory with a photo and list it on eBay within minutes. They’ve also had success with Bravo’s online marketplace, getting out of state interest on items quickly once they were a part of the website.

Customer Support

“Top notch, no complaints.” Packwood has found they can ask direct questions to Bravo and get help immediately, like when they needed help viewing the global drawer settings. “Somebody was there to help me that knew how to use the system over the phone.”

Parting Words

Technological advancement in this business hasn’t been that big. Bravo has gone above and beyond. A huge leap from any software competitor.

Taylor Packwood