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We'll make it easier for you to grow your brand and manage your shop online with our eCommerce tools.

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Pawnshop Online Selling Tools

Handle your online sales just like you would in-store and see your bottom-line thrive.

  • Process all customer correspondence, payments and returns online using Bravo
  • Digitally negotiate in real-time with your customers with automatic offer notifications
  • Sync inventory so as items sell, they are removed from all channels
  • Protect your margins with an average profit of 55%
  • Check the top 10 best-selling categories and top 100 most popular sold items with eCommerce Performance Reports

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Marketing Tools Especially for Pawnshops

Let Bravo help you keep up with today’s competitive online landscape.

  • Create a free online storefront that links customers to shop your inventory
  • Post product listings to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+
  • Offer special discounts and pricing to your online pawn customers
  • Display related products to give your shoppers more buying choices
  • Allow customers to leave feedback so you can optimize your online store

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SEO Tools for Pawn Listings

Our built-in Search Engine Optimization features make it easy to have your inventory found.

  • Add SEO optimized descriptions and custom web titles
  • Automatically have your inventory fed into Google, Bing, and Yahoo daily
  • Become an exclusive Google Product Listing Ad member through Bravo
  • Differentiate and display in-store versus online prices with dual-channel pricing
  • Dive into Bravo’s 36 standard reports to inform and refine your optimizations

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Fireproof Pawn

Meet Cristian Huaman

Number of stores: 2

Location: Florida

Why Bravo

How easy is it to use Bravo? Elementary. It’s very, very easy. It’s plug-in-and-play.