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Fear-Based Buying… Yikes!

DON’T MAKE A BUSINESS DECISION BASED IN FEAR Fiction: (Have you heard this…) With Bravo, you’re forced to input information for every item you take in to ready them for an online marketplace where… Read More



(Have you heard this…)

With Bravo, you’re forced to input information for every item you take in to ready them for an online marketplace where they may not sell. This flaw is affecting your speed at the counter, impacting how quickly you can process customers, as well as costing you money to pay someone to input all of that information.


The Bravo Estimators were developed before the days of eCommerce and we didn’t innovate them for any marketplace (it was the early ‘90s). The Estimators are a loan underwriting tool to help your employees take in merchandise efficiently, effectively, and the same every time.

Using the Estimator, our customers have saved thousands by loaning smarter on 100% of the items they take in, regardless of whether it forfeits or not.

When we launched the Estimators in our 50 stores, we loaned, on average $10 more, on every transaction. That equated to increasing our loan balance $1m in the first year.

… and yeah, better descriptions will help you sell it faster online.

PS – If you don’t like the Hard Goods Estimator, we don’t take offense. You can simply turn it off.



(Have you heard this…)

Bravo has hidden fees appearing on your statements, in addition to inconceivable high success fees for selling your items online.


We don’t hide fees ever.

  • Buya – 8%
  • eBay – 2% or 5%
  • Company Branded – Free


Selling online has a cost, but the most expensive cost is your time – free options that cost you more time are not cheaper. I repeat – FREE OPTIONS THAT COST YOU MORE TIME ARE NOT CHEAPER.



(Have you heard this…)

With Bravo, you’re pushing to an online marketplace that you share with your competitors, local and national. Your customers see what your competition is offering for similar products, you’re effectively cannibalizing one another while your software vendor profits.



If your customers are shopping online, I can assure you they are shopping at the biggest eCom retailers in the world – eBay, Amazon, Walmart. Online customers are looking for the best deal and they’ll search until they find it.

We believe the more omni-channels the better. Buya is an additional marketplace designed to help you turn, turn, turn that inventory.

Plus, Bravo geolocates your inventory into Google, Bing, and Yahoo resulting in more in-store pickups.

Did I mention we purchase AdWords and PLAs on behalf of your store?

(We’re really, REALLY into helping you turn inventory faster).



(Have you heard this…)

Bravo support is slow, unresponsive, and at times, unreachable. Not to mention there is no assurance if you can access your own data or if it is even being properly protected.



Bravo customers’ data is the most protected… period. We host your data in Microsoft Azure and we are the only software provider that encrypts data both ways.

You can access your own data always. Bravo allows you to export your data into 10 different file formats including CSV, PDF, and Excel. If you require a special format that must involve our developers, we charge an hourly fee.

Lastly, Bravo uses NPS and CSAT scores to ensure we are offering the best customer experience (see Core Value #2). Scores are posted in real-time amongst our entire company. We strive for 100% satisfaction. Last month, we scored 97%.

bravo amazing customer service csat


As for uptime, we’re at 100% this year. Want to see the full history, we don’t hide it. Click here.




Bravo’s Mission is to help pawnbrokers grow and stay competitive. We do this by providing the best product, innovation, and customer service.

Our 6 Core Values Are:

  1. Our best quality is our employees and we cross the finish line together.
  2. Our other best quality is our customers and we strive to delight them with our customer service.
  3. We are committed to innovation. We embrace disruption.
  4. Great isn’t good enough. We go big or we go home.
  5. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability, integrity, and responsibility.
  6. We promote growth and learning by enriching our mental, physical, personal, and professional selves.


Want to learn more about our Culture. Check out the Bravo Culture Code – CLICK HERE.


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