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How to Use Glassdoor to Standout to Candidates

2020 brought profound changes to people’s work lives. For many, their work lives have been upended or significantly changed. This has led to a substantial decline in workforce participation, specifically by parents with children under 18.  … Read More

2020 brought profound changes to people’s work livesFor many, their work lives have been upended or significantly changed. This has led to a substantial decline in workforce participation, specifically by parents with children under 18.  

Pawnbrokers have struggled in hiring and retaining top-notch employees for many years. Coupled with the challenges of 2020’s stipends, unemployment, and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), you need a way to stand out to candidates.  

Workplace Reviews and Glassdoor: 

Over the last two years, operators have realized the opportunity and success associated with Google and Facebook reviews. A 5-star presence with a high quantity of reviews drives new business through your doors, as well as keeps your existing customers coming back.  

A similar tool exists for employees seeking careers. It’s called Glassdoor.  

Glassdoor offers the workforce a chance to read authentic and transparent reviews from employees currently and formerly employed by your pawnshop.  

Your organization’s success depends on recruiting solid candidates, and the number one reason people visit Glassdoor is to search for jobs. Your Employer Profile attracts high-quality talent when you highlight your culture, values, and benefits.  

Consider These Facts: 

  • The Harris Poll found 51% of job seekers say they prefer finding job opportunities on online job sites, such as Glassdoor. 45% hear about job openings from friends, while 35% go to a company’s site.  
  • The top two pieces of information job seekers look for when researching a company or looking at job ads are salaries (67%) and benefits (63%). 
  • The aspects that job seekers find most important to a positive experience include clear and regular communication (58%), clear expectations (53%), and feedback regarding rejection (51%). 
  • Glassdoor has 67 million unique monthly visitors to its website and mobile applications. Google Analytics.  

5 Simple Steps to Get Started: 

It can feel daunting to build out an entire HR strategy around hiring and retaining top-notch employees. Here is how to start: 

  1. Create Your Profile: To start, create your Glassdoor account and claim your company. Follow the prompts to add details about your pawnshop including your company’s mission statement, website link, location, logo, CEO or owner’s name, number of employees, and year founded.  
  1. Tell Your Story: People looking for a job want to know what it’s like to work at your company. What it is like to work in a pawnshop is unknown and highly interesting. Spend time explaining what a pawn shop is, who you serve, and what a day-in-the-life is like. Share how you got into the business, why you love it, and what types of items you take in. Include company photos and share your culture.  
  1. Attract and Engage Talent: If you’re looking to hire today or in the next few months, post a company update. Get candidates excited to work for your company by sharing milestones, news stories, community service, etc. If you have great Google or Facebook reviews, showcase why you’re a place job-seekers should want to work.  
  1. Tap into Glassdoor: Monitoring reviews is important, but proactively managing your reviews is even better. Like responding to store reviews, you’ll want to respond directly to employee perspectives to reveal your leadership and willingness to address both positive and negative comments. Continue to build on the number of reviews by requesting more reviews from your employees. You can do this during annual reviews or after you give company bonuses.  
  1. Set Up Automatic Alerts: You can quickly set up notifications so that you will receive an email when you get a new review or when candidates are landing on your Employer-Profile.  


In a 2020 Bravo survey, respondents ranked Attract, Retain, and Train Top-Notch Employees number three of most importance, right behind Improved Customer Experience and Increased Cash Flow.  

Glassdoor is a free tool that helps your pawnshop gain reviews that are just as powerful as word-of-mouth referrals. Start simple by focusing on two things: candidates and employees.  

Setting up a profile takes less than thirty minutes, but the impact is profound. Stand out above competitor’s in your area and lean into sharing your reviews with jobseekers. The end-result is finding better talent and retaining your best employees.  

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