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Mobile Pawn – Pawn customers can now view their loans on their cell phone

Next week Bravo launches this exclusive service to all of our customers.   With the advancement in mobile… Read More

Next week Bravo launches this exclusive service to all of our customers.
With the advancement in mobile technology and adoption world wide, your business is able to provide relevant services to your customers. Bravo’s Pawnbroker Platform empowers your customers to view their loan information via mobile.
With Bravo, your customers can easily access their account by validating their active Pawn Ticket Number and Identification. Once this verification process is complete, your customers simply login into their account and they can view real-time all of their loans and payments due. If you’re a multi-store operator, your customers can view this information across all your stores.
 View loans on your cell phone
This simple service can reduce time-consuming phone calls at your store by 80%!  Customer satisfaction will rise and your customers will not be on hold waiting for this valuable information.  
A single store operator can save up to $1,500.00 per month in productivity pickup because of the time eliminated answering these routine calls. This is based on a store with 500 loans outstanding.  Also, by having this information readily available to your customers, your loan yields are enhanced. Currently available on the computer browsers, this feature is hailed as a customer favorite. Mobile steps it up a notch.
This service is included at no additional charge to Bravo users.
Check this out on your mobile phone at
We believe your customers are starving for convenience and information about their loan account. This is a exclusive product offered by Bravo.  B different, B special, B out in front, B the best, and B a part of the Bravo Family.
Call us now to learn more about Bravo and other exclusive products that your customers will love at 888-407-6287 ext. 1.