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We've developed a creative and innovative way to drive employee engagement.

Mobile Manager Approvals

Store managers are busy! With Bravo Mobile Approvals, managers are able to approve or deny transactions instantly without having to run around the store. Your store associates simply click “Mobile Approval” when ready and whoever has permission to approve the transaction is notified in real-time.

Negotiate with Online Customers

Companies with engaged workers outperform those with disengaged workers by 202% and what better way to engage than to let your team sell anytime, anywhere? Offers made through Bravo’s integrated eCommerce channels can be accepted, rejected, or negotiated as they come through, keeping your staff connected.

Capture Beautiful Pictures

Successful online sellers preach high-quality pictures. We’ve made it easy for employees to scan price tags via their phone, snap corresponding pictures, and save. New images are synced in Bravo and across Buya, eBay, and your company-branded site.

Relocate and Remerchandise

If your pawnshop remains too consistent in its displays and merchandising, customers take notice. Our employee app makes moving inventory quick and trackable. Keep your customers on their toes and with their wallets open by giving them new experiences often so your store stays fun, engaging, and inviting.

Instant Message with Potential Loan Customers

Pawnshops are reporting deteriorating loan balances. Demographics are changing, and millennials are difficult to reach. Bridge the gap by allowing potential customers to take and send pictures of items they want to sell or pawn and empower your employees to respond and generate new leads. It will enhance your customer service while giving your employees better communication and convenience.

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