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[New Release] Bravo Version is LIVE!

Bravo Pawn Systems - First Updates of 2019 comes in hot with Release Read More

A day we have all been preparing for, release is LIVE! This release contains numerous updates that users have been long waiting for. This update also corresponds with our revamped End User License Agreement which became active January 1, 2019. Take the time to read through the updated EULA if you have not done so yet. By using Bravo and/or Bravos services after January 1, 2019 you have already agreed to the agreement. And following this release all users will be asked to consent to this updated EULA. For questions directly regarding the EULA please contact legal@buya.com.

Release has resolved over fifty cases and requests and has incorporated numerous updates to Bravos features to make your lives easier. Below we have listed ten of the most requested updates and improvements followed by ten of the most significant resolved cases. Many of the listed items have links that will allow you to easily see the updates in action. You may also to read over the full release notes here.  

Improvements & Updates

  • Allow adjusting cost on items while splitting as long as the total amount doesn’t change.
  • Implemented the ability to copy security and limits for an employee from a group or another employee.
  • Added Manager Approval for Canceling Pending Web Sale for In-Store sale.
  • Implemented in Quick Books export to separate all banking transactions.
  • Allowed a layaway item bar-code to be scanned in the Layaway Management screen.
  • Implemented ‘Override Maximum Sale Discount %‘ in Employee Limits configuration.
  • Added the ability to save item images on activated loans.
  • Update to diamond prices.
  • New option in custom labels designer to Total diamond weight (CTW).
  • Updated the CAPA CMP 403 and 409 pawn tickets for CA. Larger text making it easier to read and correcting maturity date.

Resolved Cases

  • Added ticket reference to Master Jewelry label to have an ability to use Writer-Alias field.
  • Prevent an item with a “Retail” category (or SKU) to be put in eBay.
  • Correct eBay exception while clicking “research” button at the add-model screen.
  • Corrected display issue on the split screen: column headers of number data are incorrectly left adjusted.
  • Corrected Object reference error after ad-hoc searching on customer management screen.
  • Corrected Print Tags – when closing window and re-opening, all printed tags were being removed from the window. No valid item tags should be removed when re-entering.
  • Corrected PI Audit where the Reconcile Audit gives message “No items were scanned…” when there were many items scanned.
  • Corrected the Sold Inventory report, when a Gun is sold ‘Tax Included’ from a layaway, the ‘Discount %’ was incorrect on this report when ‘picked up’. Showed 0%.
  • Corrected eBay Listings Error while printing list.
  • Corrected issue in resolve lost damaged where add item for replacement converts to sale transaction with sales tax. No tax should be charged on replacement.

And as always with new releases, please check out our Release Notes for additional support and understanding of new features.


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