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PANDEMIC = MORE FRAUD = MORE CHARGEBACKS. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF?  As a 23-year veteran to the world of credit card processing, I’ve seen a lot of crazy things,… Read More


As a 23-year veteran to the world of credit card processing, I’ve seen a lot of crazy things, heard a lot of stories and navigated some incredibly challenging times. But nothing prepared me for 2020. I don’t know about you, but my year started with high aspirations and lofty goals. My budget and forecast didn’t account for a pandemic. Solike many others, we had to adjust and learn to live in this world as we navigate and learn what the new “normal” will look like as this plays out.  

Despite the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 crisis, there is a distinct similarity to our current situation and happened when I went through the 2008 financial crisis – when people are faced with great economic uncertainty, fraud dramatically increases. We are seeing fraud increase more now than ever before, and it’s critical that we’re vigilant in staying ahead of the fraudsters. 

When BLUEDOG was selected as the integrated payments provider for Bravo Pawn Platform, we did not take this partnership lightly. We are honored to be the integrated provider of payments and we will work diligently with the Bravo team to help tackle any challenge that their customers are experiencing. Since chargebacks are a very unfortunately popular topic right now, I thought it would be prudent to spend some time talking about them in more detail. 


A chargeback is a dispute process created by the different card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) that allows cardholders and merchants to work through disputes in service, products, and a host of other items related to the sale.  

cardholder can dispute a charge up to 6 months from the date a product/service is delivered. This means that if someone is making payments on a product/service, all sales leading up to the final payment are disputable for 6 months following the delivery of the product/service.  

There is a common misconception that an agreement between a cardholder and a merchant is valid in a chargeback. The card brands have specific rules about this, and any written agreement has no bearing on the card brands decisions in a chargeback. This doesn’t mean the cardholder is justified (he/she could very well lose the case in small claims court)however, from a pure chargeback standpoint what matters is the transaction and delivery of product/service. 


Bravo was strategic and smart about how they structured the integration with BLUEDOG. Bravo implemented all of our Watch Dog (fraud prevention features) settings on the highest level of security, which means if there is an address mismatch, missing CVV code, or the method of payment isn’t the most securethe sale will be declined.  

Some additional steps a store owner can take are:  

  • Only shipping to the billing address of the card 
  • Calling the purchaser and verifying the sale before shipping inventory 
  • Requiring the purchaser be the only one that can sign for the package 
  • Taking a photo of the items before packing/packed/delivered (by driver) and most importantly don’t get so excited about the sale that you don’t verify and question it before shipping anything out. 

There are additional products on the market that help prevent chargebacks before they happen, manage chargebacks when they do happen, and even insure against them if they take place. These products are currently being explored by the BLUEDOG and Bravo teams to determine if they will be effective in helping our customers better manage against chargebacks.  

Regardless of any additional services that could help, it is very important during the challenging times to make sure you implement proper processes in your store to help stop Chargebacks before they happen. Keeping proper, and accurate, documentation is another important part of this process, because without that documentation a chargeback can’t be won – even if the cardholder is wrong and doing something fraudulently 


The last thing I want to leave you with is, for a chargeback to be winnable the card brands have very specific timeframes that you must reply in to even have a chargeback be considered potentially winnable 

We mail or email out chargeback notices and when those go out, they need to be responded to within 10 days or the chargeback will automatically be lost. This isn’t controlled by BLUEDOG and we are at the mercy of the card brands.  

When you receive a chargeback noticeplease reply immediately. If you need help with them don’t hesitate to call our team, we are here to help you win these chargebacks! 


About the Author: 

Ron Eliot Dichter 
Ron is the President & CEO of BLUEDOG (, which he founded in 2010.  BLUEDOG serves thousands of customers throughout the United States, ranging in size from small startups to multibillion-dollar enterprises.  Ron’s track record in the payment space has quickly enabled BLUEDOG to become one of the fastest growing companies in the payments space.  Ron is responsible for the overall direction and growth of the organization in addition to large business development opportunities.  BLUEDOG has also achieved national recognition, qualifying as one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) by Inc Magazine.   
Prior to forming BLUEDOG, Ron served as Founder & CEO of Eliot Management Group ( (1998 – 2010), where he was responsible for growing the company from a startup with $0 in revenue to over $100M in revenue before selling the company to First American Payment Systems (  Under his guidance, Eliot Management Group became the 23rd largest payment processing company in the U.S.  Eliot was recognized as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Utah for 6 straight years and prior to it being sold was the #6 fastest growing company in Utah. 
Ron’s payment processing experience started in 1996 when he began working for a company in Utah called Electronic Processing and once he graduated with a BS Consumer Finance & Economics degree from the University of Utah, he started his first payments company, Eliot & Associates, which became the largest sales organization for Heartland Payment Systems, which was later sold to Global Payments.  

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