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Converting to Bravo

Change Software with Minimal Business Disruption

Our Bravo conversion team has 30 years of experience converting hundreds of stores from other software systems. We’ll help you make the switch as smoothly as possible.

Three options for converting

  1. Manual Data Entry
  2. Standard Data Conversion
  3. Data Conversion with History

Manual Data Entry

Support with Every Step

We’ll coordinate with you to manually enter your data in Bravo. We recommend this option for companies that want to start fresh with their new software so all operations function perfectly at launch. Here we provide:

  • Hand-holding concierge – Even starting from scratch, Bravo is fast and easy to learn.
  • Side-by-side entry – Training on how to use Bravo and a legacy system side-by-side if needed.

Standard Data Conversion

Wake Up to Bravo

Data from two different systems doesn’t always match perfectly, but the Bravo conversion team will be there to help line-up and fix issues along the way so your transition is as smooth as possible.

Standard Data Conversion includes:

  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Active Loans & Buys
  • Active Firearms

Data Conversion with History

Don’t Lose Any Information

We know you’ve worked hard to get to know your customers and build your database. Carry all of that valuable information over to Bravo with a standard data conversion plus history so you don’t skip a beat.

Standard Data Conversion plus History also includes redeemed loans so that re-writes and renewals are fast and easy.

Heartland Pawnbrokers

Meet David Crume

Number of stores: 1

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

Why Bravo

One of my favorite features is the company-branded website, Buya, and eBay API integration. With my own website, my customers can look online at everything I have for sale. There isn't a day that goes by where somebody doesn't come in and ask to see something they saw online. And we just convert those looks into sales every day!

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