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Bravo Enterprise POS Software

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Go international with Bravo

In our 35 years of pawn software experience, we’ve successfully installed Bravo in the US, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, and the UK. Bravo POS can be adapted for any country using local currency and language.

Keep stakeholders happy

Bravo meets the demands of your enterprise-level business from top to bottom while satisfying the needs of your entire organization from your pawnshop operators to your corporate stakeholders.

Stay agile and current

Our Bravo private cloud platform offers today‚Äôs agile technologies to keep your operations current. We’ll make sure you have the tools you need to do business with domestic and international organizations.

Make every sales channel work together to maximize profits

  • Share customers across every store
  • Lookup inventory company-wide
  • Consistently market your brand in all channels
  • Ship to online customers from your store
  • Streamline the logistics of fulfillment
  • Turn staff into commerce agents

Transform every shop into your top-performer

Make sure operations are consistent company-wide with Bravo. Our flexible enterprise POS software allows you to manage and distribute best practices from the top down, while still letting you customize operations at the store-level as needed.

Market to the right pawn customers

Spend more time getting to know your customers both in stores and online to grow your bottom line.

Dive into customer data

Leverage our Bravo reporting tools to distinguish between first time and repeat visitors, view customer shopping and buying habits, explore their favorite categories, and then customize their shopping experience to keep them coming back.

Stay top of mind

Use Bravo’s ad manager to generate coupons and promotions tailored to specific customer segments, products, and categories, as well as tap into social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Yelp to connect with customers and increase conversions.

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Heartland Pawnbrokers

Meet David Crume

Number of stores: 1

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

Why Bravo

One of my favorite features is the company-branded website, Buya, and eBay API integration. With my own website, my customers can look online at everything I have for sale. There isn't a day that goes by where somebody doesn't come in and ask to see something they saw online. And we just convert those looks into sales every day!